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LiveWebinar is the most advanced webinar platform, offering a multitude of useful options to organize, stream, and promote interactive webinars. Discover the effective and professional features provided by our platform.

LiveWebinar YouTube & Vimeo Players
Adding video content is a great way of boosting your webinar’s potential and really getting your audience’s attention. With the YouTube & Vimeo Players Feature you can share numerous videos from your favorite video services without leaving the meeting room.
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Lead Forms
Gather leads with a refreshed LiveWebinar Form feature. Intuitive and easier to use, the forms will let you gather more information about your leads and segment them into groups for more targeted marketing down the line.
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Waiting Room
Secure your webinar before it even starts and give your guests a formal place to wait until the webinar is ready to begin, all while promoting a professional image of your company. Waiting Rooms are a simple tool that can make all the difference in how your webinar looks and feels, from start to finish.
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Phone Bridge
Are you cooperating world-wide? Expand your online event’s reach and break entry barriers! Share custom, toll-free numbers with your partners and let them join your meeting from wherever they are!
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Invite Participants
With the LiveWebinar Invite Participants feature your attendees may join the meeting from any device by simply clicking the invitation link – no downloading or registration required.
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Webinar Presenters
Relax during the event by providing yourself with professional assistance. Invite presenters to lead your meeting and support you during your webinars. Share your account with the presenters while keeping everything under control with the Webinar Presenters feature.
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Webinar Embed Code
Provide your audience with a fully branded experience, extend your reach and deliver high quality content. With our unique Embed Code feature you can run end to end webinars, stream live events and manage all meeting details on your webpage!
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Friendly Room URL
Instead of sending your attendees a meeting URL that looks like your cat took a stroll across your keyboard, a friendly room URL lets you personalize the link that attendees receive.
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Sub accounts
Keep your business well organized by managing multiple accounts under your brand. Create multiple accounts for your co-workers, teammates and trainers you cooperate with.
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