How to use LiveWebinar

Present your products, collaborate and reach more people by hosting interactive webinars. Take advantage of suitability of the most advanced webinar platform.

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LiveWebinar can be used as powerful tool to organize classes and host online courses. Present your material in fully customized webinar room. Check knowledge of your students by making tests and mark their progress.

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Sales & Marketing

Present demos of your products, raise awarness of your your brand through presentation of your services. Accalerate sales process by turning participants into leads and move buyers through each stage of your sales funnel.

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Share your screen and cooperate on the projects with remote workers. Discuss ideas and take advantage of real-time collaboration with your teammates even if you are outside the office.

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Host training sessions and recruit new team members. With LiveWebinar you can host onboarding webinars and train your employees without leaving your office. Reduce accomodation & travel costs.

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Support & Helpdesk

Send messages internaly among your entire company. Answer the questions from your clients in suport rooms and create additional way for your customers to resolve issues they may face.

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LiveWebinar is compatible with HIPAA, what makes it an ideal solution for healthcare environments. Host virtual medical consultation on demand, create meetings with patients and doctors. Provide educational services to patients.

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With LiveWebinar you can collaborate with your partners in full complience with security standards. Meet in a safe space with your clients without worries about leaks of sensitive data.

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Streaming events

Extend every physical event into an online conference. Stream workshops, concerts and trade shows. Make your event available to thousands of people.

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