Use Cases

  • Education

    Universities, Schools, Online Teachers, Training Session

    Teachers, trainers and schools all strive to find new and more cost-efficient ways to interact with students and colleagues. Sometimes the most effective establishments are the ones able to work the closest with their students. Online and virtual tools can remove barriers and enhance communication to assist an industry that requires face-to-face time and collaboration.

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  • E-Learning

    Online Courses, Virtual Instruction, Private Lessons

    For every educator, teaching is priority one and reach and accessibility is key. To be accessible to as prospective and active students as possible, offering an online environment to meet and speak with students can increase your scope tenfold and add efficiency to your communications

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  • Finance

    Banking, Investments, Accountancy

    In an industry led by attention to detail and security of information, the need for privacy is paramount. Professionals of finance can take LiveWebinar to their advantage.

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  • Healthcare

    Tele-Medicine, Consultations, Advice and Guidance

    Doctors and patients are leveraging online communication tools as better ways to allow access to resources or to seek help. These solutions remove the obstacle of transportation as well as aid the patient-doctor relationship with virtual face-time.

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  • Human Resources

    Meetings, Inductions, Preparation, Team Interaction

    As you work to identify your star candidate, connecting face-to-face during that process can be invaluable, as well as before recommending a person for a position. It is also important to make sure your teams are engaged, motivated and acknowledged. Online communication can help across many of your HR challenges.

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  • IT

    Development, Idea Sharing, Problem Solving, Project Management

    The need to push a project forward despite all the things that can go wrong is a constant reality to the IT industry. Expand your ability to react and resolve through online communication – real-time collaboration and innovation at your fingertips.

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  • Sales and Marketing

    Meet with Potential Clients, Product Demos, Product Launches

    Being able to professionally and effectively present your product or service is key to successful sales and marketing efforts. Online communication can increase your exposure to clients dramatically and dynamically.

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  • Customer Support

    Live Assistance, Troubleshooting, Discussion Groups

    Ensure your customers feel valued and acknowledged —allow them to conveniently connect and virtually interact directly with a member of your team. Or simply create a support room adding additional ways for your customers to resolve any issues they may face.

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Lock Your Room

Depending on your needs you can create ‘private’ and ‘public’ rooms - Live Webinar gives you the possibility to lock your room using the “lock” icon. You will always get a notification when someone wants to enter your room to give them permission to join. We allow you to be in control with total clarity over who can enter and the structure of your room.

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