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Room Layouts

Choose a Room Layout from six different options and adapt it to your needs. You’re only a few clicks away from a fully customized room appearance with perfectly arranged Chat, Participants and Audio-Video areas.

Communication modules aligned

Room Layout where Chat, Participants and Audio-Video modules are placed in one line. Choose this arrangement for meetings with only a few participants and small-scale conferences.

Room Layouts
Room Layouts

Enlarged Chat area

The Room Layout with an enlarged chat window providing you with extra space for online text messages. Ideal composition for meetings or webinars requiring an extended chat area.

Pure content

Take your content-oriented webinars to a new level. This Room Layout is specifically designed to highlight the most important parts of your content. Try out the enlarged content area and focus on the vital points of your presentation.

Room Layouts

Divisible space

This unique Room Layout is dedicated for small online meetings or conferences and enables you to control every aspect of the event. The Chat, Participants and Audio-Video modules are extended and arranged on both sides of the screen, providing a complete insight into your meeting.

Room Layouts

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