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Discover how to skyrocket your webinar traffic and amplify your sales with a powerful Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Learn to engage your audience in real-time and seamlessly direct them to your landing page to capitalize on your offer instantly. Get started now!


Want to boost webinar traffic and grow your sales? Create a custom Call-to-Action button and encourage your attendees to take action during the event. Redirect participants straight to your landing page and promote your offer instantly.   . 

What is Call-to-Action?

CTAs, usually seen as buttons, help encourage visitors to do certain actions such as signing up for newsletters, downloading eBooks, or buying products. The main goal of a CTA is to turn a visitor into a paying customer, by leading them to the next step of their journey with your brand. For the best outcomes, CTAs are placed thoughtfully on the page, made to stand out visually, and designed to grab attention.

Display the CTA button to trigger the expected action during your webinar.
Promote your brand by adding your logo and colors to the CTA.
Take your leads to the next step of the customer cycle.   

Direct your audience to your offer without disrupting the session 

Make sure your attendees get an immediate chance to buy your product. 
Boost sales and drive results instantly. 

Call-to-Action at LiveWebinar

Easily Design Your CTAs

Customize your CTA buttons with your own text and colors. Add media files, photo, logo or a banner. Choose the content's position, blend the background, or enable sound notifications to better reach your audience.

Send Custom CTA Messages

Select a target group to which you want to send a request. You can choose from attendees, hosts and presenters or set your own custom audience.

Optimize Webinar Promotion

Prepare multiple CTAs before the event. Save them and use them as needed. Start building a list of CTAs from scratch and copy the most effective ones for repeated use.

Turn Your Audience into Profits   

Maximize your webinar revenue with strategic Call to Action prompts that convert attendees into paying customers. It's smart engagement that boosts your bottom line.


How to Enable Call-to-Action at LiveWebinar

See how simple it is:

1. Schedule a new event and choose “Call to Action” tab in the webinar room content window. 

2. Add a new CTA or choose from previously created ones

3. Customize your CTA according to your needs. Add a link, image or set the time you wish your message to be visible for.   


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