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Breakout Rooms

Run limitless meetings in one session. Reach all your goals at once by splitting your session into several meetings and collaborating with numerous participants at a time.

Breakout Rooms

Looking to organize focused group discussions during your online meetings, lessons and training sessions? Make collaboration easier with our intuitive Breakout room feature, perfect for all your virtual meetings.


breakout rooms

What is Breakout Room?

Breakout rooms are a great feature for creating interaction and engagement between attendees. They allow the webinar host to split users into different rooms. With the help of this feature, you can facilitate group work and discussion during lessons, training sessions or meetings. Each room has its own presenter, and the host can move freely within the rooms to check in on progress.

When to Use Breakout Rooms?

During lessons

During lessons to introduce group work.

at the meeting

At the business meeting to enable brainstorming.

At the hybrid conference for networking.
As part of the onboarding process.
To facilitate cooperation on projects. 
To divide tasks into groups more efficiently.

Breakout Rooms at LiveWebinar

Flexible options 

Have as many Breakout rooms as you like, select their layout and run them simultaneously.

The ease of use

Assign participants to Breakout rooms manually based on your own criteria or automate the process by clicking the “Randomize” button.

Record sessions

Record, store and revisit your digital group discussions to ensure that valuable insights are never lost.


breakout rooms

Make Teamwork and Cooperation Easy 

Promote active participation and enable networking to offer a great webinar experience to your viewers.


Learn How to Create and Manage Breakout Rooms with LiveWebinar

See how simple it is:

How to create a breakout room

1. Open the Breakout Room window in your webinar room.

2. Choose participants from the list and add them to Breakout Rooms. 

    3. Start the session. 

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    That's it! You're ready to run your webinar with Breakout rooms to make interaction easy.

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