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Show Off Your Best Stuff

Meet with one click and share content without worrying about performance

Screen sharing

Show participants real-time view of your desktop.

Prezi presentations

Never again bore your audience – present your ideas with interactive Prezi forms.


Keep your files safe and secure. Share them in meetings using your personal cloud.

Live Streaming Software

Broadcast your meetings and webinars to social media and external sources.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Periscope

Improve engagement with collaboration tools

Drive participation and results

Polls & Surveys

Increase audience engagement and gain feedback to maximize participation.


Easy to use for Q&A with participants. Control and moderate with convenience.

Call to action

Convert engagement into sales. Encourage participants to buy your products and enjoy high results.


Present your ideas in a more accessible way. Draw on documents and video materials. Give participants power to mark up, too.

Collaborate everywhere

Meet with one click and share content without worrying about performance


Invite participants by e-mails and text messages. Join the meeting by clicking on the link or answering the call.


Manage and assign roles to the people who will run your webinars and online meetings

Breakout Rooms

You can divide number of your rooms to meet your every customer in separated space online. All of this during one meeting.

Record sessions in HD

With the power of high definition you can create an amazing webinar experience by surprising your viewers with the highest standards of quality. Store recordings on your personal cloud drive.

Build your own platform

and customize your work in the way you want

Branding & solution under your domain

Host meetings under your own domain. Add your logo and brand colors for a personalized experience.

Event scenarios

Arrange events, surveys and forms into your own automated events. This way you can carry out tests with a certificate that matches the result.

Wide range of integrations

You can adapt our platform to your system using API interface. LiveWebinar works well with many marketing automation tools such as: Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Freshmail and more

Live Webinar is Google Hangouts on steroids

LiveWebinar not only combines all the Google Hangouts features but also has much more. Try an ideal solution for onboarding new team members, conducting interviews or hosting staff meetings.

Solution for interviews & consultations

Meetings and video conferencing have never been so simple. Improve your efficiency with easy-to-use video/text/voice Hangouts interface.

Keep things connected with Live Webinar

Meeting in a Hangouts view gives you the right amount of focus so you can and interact with all attendees at once and concentrate on the real conversation with participants.

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