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Webinar Invitation Template

Elevate your webinar promotions with our customizable email invitation templates. Engage and personalize your approach to captivate your audience and boost your conversion rates.

Webinar Invitation Template

Would you like to run great email campaigns promoting your webinars? Do you want to attract attention, engage your audience, and increase conversions? Use our email invitation templates and personalize communication with your viewers to make them feel special.   . 

What is Webinar Invite Template Feature?

Webinar invite template feature allows you to create and send out customized email invitations for your webinars. It provides personalization with specific details such as the recipient's name, webinar title, date and time of the webinar, as well as personalized greetings. Sending custom invitation emails is a great way to boost webinar sign ups, making your recipients feel appreciated and, as a consequence, more eager to become your customers. 

Craft invitations that get clicked  
Easily personalize the content 
Boost open rates and skyrocket attendance

Make your attendees feel special 

Promote your brand consistency 
Automate the sending process   

Webinar Invitation Templates at LiveWebinar

Wide choice of templates

Choose from 6 types of invite templates connected to your webinar, among them: the registration template, attendee invitation, and thank you template. Add text and any information of your choice in the language you need.

Many customization options

Design the appearance of your invite templates. Add your logo and the brand’s color scheme. Include the speaker’s bio, product photos, discount codes, advertising banners, CTA buttons or anything else you wish to interest your recipient.

Quick and easy sending

Pick a template, make it yours, and send it off. It's simple and smart. Our tools are made for every user – helping you get professional-looking invites without any hassle. No coding needed.

Refined Personalization at Your Fingertips    

Make every invitation count toward a full guest list. Our Webinar Invitation Templates are your key to better, smarter invites.  

Welcome to stress-free webinar prep. Welcome to LiveWebinar. 


How to Use Invitation Templates at LiveWebinar

1. Schedule a new event and go to the “Appearance” section in the dashboard.   

2. Choose your type of page template.

3. Customize the content.  


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