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Branding Tool

Enhance your brand image and run webinars fully equipped with your logo, colors, fonts and backgrounds. Deliver to your audience a unique, customized experience and embrace the power of branding up your meetings, trainings and sales presentations.

Branding Tool

Would you like to turn your webinars and online events into branded experiences that stand out in a crowded digital landscape? Our Branding Tool allows you to seamlessly weave your brand identity into your virtual sessions.

branding tool webinar

What is Branding Tool?

With just a few simple steps, this feature lets you introduce your logo and apply your corporate color palette, transforming your webinars into a sophisticated extension of your brand. This seamless integration ensures that your webinars not only engage but also faithfully represent your professional image.

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Customize your webinar room with your colors and logo.
Add multiple branding templates and switch between them whenever you wish.
Create branding templates beforehand to prepare your meeting room.  

Use other customization options: change font colors, backgrounds and much more.

Personalize also your event agenda or add virtual background for a cohesive visual identity. 
Choose a default template and set it to be used across all your events. 

Branding Tool at LiveWebinar

Vast Customization Options 

The tool allows you to customize many different fields and elements, including navbar colors and layouts, text styles, background and button colors and much more.


Branding Templates Ready to Use

You can create as many templates as you wish and store them for further editing and usage. Save time and remain always prepared and professional.

Increased Brand Loyalty and Trust

Stand out from your competitors and run sales presentations that involve both your product and brand. Don’t let your audience get bored with standard setup layouts and make them more familiar with your brand.

branding tool webinar

Increase Brand Awareness 

Improve your brand visibility without spending an extra penny on promotion! Extend your brand’s reach and use branding elements to underline your product’s value. Engage, impress, and be unforgettable.


How to Use Branding Tool at LiveWebinar

See how simple it is:

branding tool webinar

1. Go to the 'Shared Menu' in your webinar room and choose 'Branding' option. 

2. Open the tool and click 'Add new' or choose an already prepared template from the list.

3. Start editing your template.


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That's it. You are now ready to watch your virtual events transform into a fully-branded experience. 

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