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Imagine your business runs itself, and money is constantly rolling to your bank account, all this without your effort. Get the most from your online business with our simple and appealing Affiliate Program.

Refer LiveWebinar to your community and gain 30% lifetime commission for each created account.

Quick start

Join our affiliate program in 3 easy steps: sign up for LiveWebinar, embed your affiliate link on your websites and... watch your business grow!

One-click access

Manage your payments, referrals, prospects from one place. Log in to your Affiliate Panel profile to check out your affiliated accounts and start promoting our product.

Full support

As our partner, you will get your own Affiliate Assistant ready to answer your questions and help you benefit most from the program.

Ready to use content

Don’t worry about creating promotional content, leave it to us! We will provide you with a package of materials – blog articles, press releases, social media posts, banners, ready to put on your website.

Lifetime cookie guarantee

Rest easy knowing that 100% of your commissions are tracked correctly. With our non-expiring cookie life-span, your affiliate link stays valid, no matter when did the purchase happen.


We give you a free hand in your affiliate marketing actions. Think of your own strategies to attract customers – for example consider sharing with them a percentage of your earnings.

Why LiveWebinar affiliate program?

Become Our Ambassador


Improve your brand communication and promote our product under your domain. Create an unique URL address by adding a suffix with your brand’s name to the affiliate link.

Renewed commission

Provide yourself with a regular source of income – you will get paid each time a client renews his monthly or annual plan.

Extra bonuses

Get rewarded for excellent performance! Our commission system is simple and appealing– the more customers you bring, the more bonuses you get!

Individual approach

We know that your business is unique. Feel free to negotiate with us the terms of your affiliate program and adjust them to your needs.

Multilevel commission

Having your own affiliation network? Join our multilevel commission program dedicated for big clients and get the most from your wide online reach.

Join our program and start earning money!

Sign-up to at least the PRO plan and get your affiliate link!

Who is a good fit for our program?


Get the most from your digital marketing and make your campaigns even more effective. Promote a product that will support other companies, as well as your own growth.


Position yourself as an expert on running effective webinars. Use your authority to show your recipients how easily they can benefit from using modern webinar software.


Running your own social media channels? Refer our platform to your community – create personal reviews and testimonials help them brush up on their webinar skills.

Turn your business into a sure-fire

Doubling your income with high-certainty and no risks is a dream-opportunity for your business. Maximize your online potential and reach financial peaks without getting more on your plate.

Grow your company

Grow your business by supporting ours. As a part of LiveWebinar community you will get access to tools and resources that will make you expand even quicker!

Maximize your earning potential

Get more from your paid and organic website traffic and social reach. Gain an additional source of income and watch your business flourish!

Become Our Ambassador

What are the benefits of becoming a LiveWebinar Ambassador?

Earn more with less effort

To get started, all you need is to have a website or social profiles to place the adverts and we’ll take care of the rest.

Work from anywhere

Benefit from your affiliate marketing network from any part of the globe. Let it work for you at any place or time –all you need is the internet connection!

Set your own rules

Be your own boss – set goals, targets and choose the amount of time you’re ready to invest on your affiliate marketing activities.

How it works?

Choose a plan

from here and sign up (just make sure you pick a regular, paid plan).

Sign an affiliation agreement with us

If you'd like to sign an affiliation agreement with us we'll need you to provide details such as your name, surname, company name, address and your Tax ID number if applicable. However, we must note that joining our affiliate program is not possible if you are not part of, or run a company.

Start earning!

The next steps are up to you! Have the full freedom to choose the best ways to promote our product and spread the news to your community.

Get your personalized affiliate link

and embed it on your website, social media channels or any other place on the web where it can be seen by prospects.

Join our program and start earning money!

Sign-up to at least the PRO plan and get your affiliate link!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the basic rules of the program?

As our Affiliate Partner you will get a personal link to put on your website, social media channels or any other place on the internet. When a user visits your website with your link, we will remember him being affiliated by you (even if he won’t register right away).

How do you define a conversion?

A conversion happens when a customer you’ve referred subscribes for a paid plan after the 14-day free trial period.

Can I get commissions from referring myself?

We don’t allow self-referrals. Our goal is to refer LiveWebinar to other people, which is the only way to get commissions and benefit from our program.

Can affiliate links overwrite themselves?

No worries, affiliate links cannot overwrite others. If you will be the first one to refer our product, we will remember your affiliation url, even if your customer uses someone else’s link.

Can I join the affiliate program with a free plan?

Affiliation is available only for paid plans. To become our Affiliate you need to have at least our PRO plan. Check out the pricing details here.

How long is your cookie life?

We offer a lifetime cookie guarantee, which means we’re going to track anyone who clicked from your link, regardless when did the purchase took place.

Help! I brought you a customer, but he didn’t use my affiliate link.

To solve this, please contact us immediately and send us your customer’s purchase details. There might be cases when we’re going to consider this conversion, even though your customer mistakenly didn’t use you affiliation link.