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Webinar Recorder

Extend your reach by offering your recordings as on-demand, evergreen webinars. This way you can generate leads long after your online event is over.

Webinar Recorder 

Want to keep track of your webinars? Record, store, and access them whenever you like. Preserve live webinars for later review, sharing, or editing with our easy-to-use webinar recording feature.


What is Webinar Recorder?

Webinar recorder is a cutting-edge tool designed to capture live webinars for future reference. It allows you to record, store, and replay webinars, converting real-time presentations into enduring resources.

This means you can revisit insightful content, important discussions, or valuable learning materials whenever you want. It is a perfect solution for those unable to attend live webinars, ensuring all valuable information remains accessible and no key insights are missed.

Just host it, record, store... and reuse!



Record the webinars you need


Save your recordings in Storage

Access your recordings at any time

Adjust the recording to your preferences

Edit and trim your recordings
Extend your reach with evergreen webinars

Recording Webinars with LiveWebinar

Choose the recording layout

Define the layout of your recordings – you have six layouts to choose from. You can change it even when the recording is active, adjusting it to the needs of your audience.


Store and edit your content

Save up to twelve hours of recordings depending on the package and more with Add-ons. Add an intro, outro, or trim it the way you like. Include an image or even a watermark.

Share your videos 

Share the recorded material with your sub-accounts, download it, or move it to a particular folder. Recording storage also generates a link to direct sharing.


Extend Your Reach with Recorded Content

Offer your recordings as evergreen webinars and grow your audience. Generate leads long after your live online event is over.

How to record a webinar?

See how simple it is:

How to Record a Webinar?

1. Choose the layout used in the recorder during the session. 

2. Click on the 'Rec' icon to begin recording.

3. Find your recording in Storage, edit it if you like and reuse it as many times as you wish.  

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That's it! You're ready to record your webinars and share them with your growing audience.

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