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Virtual Whiteboard

Experience seamless collaboration with our Virtual Whiteboard. Ideal for educators, teams, and remote meetings, our intuitive whiteboard enhances communication, brainstorming, and visual demonstrations in real-time. Draw, annotate, and share ideas effortlessly - transform your online interactions today.

Virtual Whiteboard 

Need to present complex topics during webinars or online meetings? Integrate our Virtual Whiteboard seamlessly into your sessions and effectively convey your message. With diagrams and visuals, clarity's just a stroke away.   . 

What is a Virtual Whiteboard?

A virtual whiteboard lets you share your ideas and concepts through drawings, diagrams, and other visual elements presented to your audience. It is a great tool for education, business meetings, brainstorming sessions and project planning. Thanks to it you can visualize your message, easily collaborate and solve problems.  

Create effective presentations and engage your audience.
Download charts and drawings for further use.
Foster creativity and teamwork.

Brainstorm, present and discuss ideas.

Make presentations dynamic with interactive elements.
Lead better lessons, courses and training sessions.  

Virtual Whiteboard at LiveWebinar

Wide range of drawing tools

Type text, highlight important things, put arrows and other shapes. Edit the frame rate that your recording will have. There are 14 and 30 frames per second settings available.

Flexible options for dynamic meetings

Create, but also erase and delete. Everything is reversible. If you make any mistakes in your notes and drawings, you can use the eraser or easily undo your last move.

Instant interaction with your attendees

Show nicknames right next to the cursors of your participants to see who you're working with. You can also enable click sound and cursor tracking and see all the movements of the presenter's mouse.

Sketch, Share, and Shine in Your Next Webinar   

Capture and maintain audience attention with interactive elements and visual aids. Keep your participants actively involved throughout your session for maximum impact. 


How to Enable the Whiteboard at LiveWebinar

See how simple it is:

1. Schedule a new event and choose “Whiteboard” tab in the webinar room content window. 

2. Set multiple drawing and writing options. 

3. Start drawing and presenting whatever you need! Once finished, you can download or export your presentation.


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That's it. You are ready to create effective presentations and collaborate with attendees.  Sign up for a free account and start utilizing Virtual Whiteboard. 

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