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Sub accounts

Keep your business well organized by managing multiple accounts under your brand. Create multiple accounts for your co-workers, teammates and trainers you cooperate with.


What is a Sub-account?

Each Sub-account is a separate account. Each sub-account has a direct relationship to the master account and can be created by the master account.

Only you have the privilage to create new and managing existing Sub-accounts. You can edit their data, disable them or invite to your events.

Work smarter - not harder

Save time and costs and make planning your online events easier and more effective. With Sub-accounts you can boost your productivity even in the most intense business periods by assigning hosts to run your webinars.

Stay close to your team and partners

Create profiles for members of your organization and beyond. You can mark external trainers and presenters by naming the company they work for.

Edit profiles of each account by setting its login and password. You can also upload a profile photo of its user and fill in info about his address, country or time zone.

Free your storage

Each of your Sub-account users has their own storage for files and recordings. You can easily share files with them and free up your storage space.

Secure your meetings

Give your Sub-accounts privileges by allowing them to take specific actions. Each of your Sub-account user gets a unique login and password.

Increase brand awareness

Run fully-branded webinars to strengthen your company’s image and show your teammates and business acquaintances that you’re a reliable partner.

Manage your content from one place

Keep all necessary documents, files, and presentations in one place and share them with your teammates and business partners with just a few clicks. Each Sub-account can have its own plan, so you know which accounts can invite more attendees to their webinars and how much available storage they have.


Stay in control

Set up limits for storage access and share content that can’t be downloaded by your participants.

Maintain autonomy

Keep track of each shared file even if you’re managing several Sub-accounts at a time.

Spread content

Share content with newly created Sub-accounts and provide your team with essential content and the latest info about your company.

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