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What is Live Webinar?

Live Webinar is one of the most advanced webinar software. It’s also a collaboration platform compatible with all devices and browsers. It offers you a wide range of possibilities and provide a flexible solution without installation and allows you to organize meetings wherever you are.

What makes Live Webinar different than other webinar software?

What makes us stand out is interoperability. Live Webinar is the only webinar software working on so many devices and operating systems. It also does not require any downloads, registrations, plug-ins nor installation. Live Webinar is also a leading webinar software in cooperation with existing systems and it does not limit the possibilities of future implementations.

How do I schedule an Live Webinar event?

To schedule an event, you need to be logged in your user panel on After you create an event you just have to give a link to your attendees – or share the link through a range of social media integrations to capture a new audience entirely.

If I choose a plan can I upgrade later?

Of course. If your chosen plan is not enough for you, we can upgrade your account to a higher plan. Contact us

Can I display offers on my Live Webinar webinars and events?

At your webinars and online meetings, you can display offers, sell and demonstrate your products.

Does Live Webinar work on mobile devices?

Live Webinar works on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The platform is also compatible with Smart TVs.

How can I join the meeting?

Joining an online event does not require any registration or downloads. Simply click on the link that you received in the e-mail or text message invitation. If you were invited by dial-in you just have to answer the call to join the room.

I have no more space in my storage? What should I do?

We can enlarge your storage size. Write to us on We will find the best solution for you and your company.

I need to store more than 6 hours of recordings. What should I do?

We can enlarge recordings storage. Write to us on The recording space will be tailored to your needs.

What do I need to organize an online meeting?

To organize online meetings, webinars and video conferences you must have webinar software. If you don’t have one, try our solution. After your sign up ensure that you have an Live Webinar compatible browser, camera, microphone and fast Internet connection.

How secure Live Webinar is?

Live Webinar meets the most rigorous security requirements. User data are never permanently stored through the Live Webinar cloud. Our platform is based on switching equipment located in multiple data centers around the world and connection is established by reliable and highly-secure HTTPS connection (Port 443).

Can I record and share my online meetings?

In Live Webinar you can record all types of meetings. Here you can read more about recording. All recorded video files you can find in your storage in Recordings folder. If you want to share your video click on the file and then copy the link from the sidebar on the right.

Does Live Webinar support other languages besides English?

Live Webinar, apart from English, supports the Polish language. In addition, the platform operates in Russian, Spanish, French and Spanish. Also in the live chat, there is build in automation translate plugin with supports over 83 languages.

What if I can't find my question or just want to make a suggestion about Live Webinar?

We would love to hear from you. You can contact us here. We will reply within 24 hours.

Why Live Webinar doesn't it work on my browser?

Live Webinar uses a new technology called WebRTC which is currently supported by the main browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex. If you use any of these browsers but cannot get Live Webinar to work, we recommend checking you have the latest version of the browser. Other browsers are now implementing this technology and will be available in future.

What is the difference between meeting and webinar?

During the meetings, participants talk to each other, discuss and share files with each other. A meeting is an interactive and dynamic event, more inclusive for open discussion where anyone can speak at any time. A webinar allows the host to present with the audience remaining silent until prompted. More about webinar definition and its types you can read here.

Can I change the meeting mode during the event I host?

Your session starts in webinar mode by default so you can switch to meeting mode practically at any time.

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