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Webinar Landing Pages

With our Appearance feature, you can design professional custom landing pages for your webinars. You can do it yourself, in one tool, with no coding and in minutes. Organizing a webinar has never been easier!

Webinar Landing Pages

Want your webinars and online events to stand out from the crowd? Our Webinar Landing Pages feature creates an eye-catching entryway that grabs your audience's attention from the start, setting the stage for your event and drawing in participants. 

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What are Webinar Landing Pages?

The webinar landing page is an online spot where people can learn about and sign up for your webinar. With clear details on the topic, speakers, date, and time, a well-designed webinar landing page becomes a powerful tool to increase attendance, collect leads, and ultimately contribute to the success of your virtual event.  

Promote your webinars before they happen and after they are finished.
Customize pages to interest your viewers and promote your brand.
Make a highly professional impression and show appreciation to your attendees.   

Give your viewers a unified, complete experience that will turn them into your customers. 

Inform your potential attendees about the event – its time, date, topic and other crucial details.
Gather leads, boost registration rates and broaden your reach.

Webinar Landing Pages at LiveWebinar

Many templates to choose from

You can create 5 types of landing pages connected to your webinar, among them: registration pages, thank you pages or leave pages. 

Easy customization options

Design and choose landing page templates that fit your webinar best. Select background colors, upload agendas and images, adjust the layout and add your logos.   

Manage your registration in one place

Present your offer, show your materials, demonstrate tutorials and videos. You can also set your own URL in advanced widget settings. 

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Boost your webinar sign-ups  

Give your marketing approach a turbo boost! Start by crafting irresistible, personalized landing pages to persuade people to sign up.


How to Create Landing Pages at LiveWebinar

See how simple it is:

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1. Schedule a new event and choose the 'Appearance' tab in the room configuration section. 

2. Choose your type of page template from 5 options. 

3. Start designing your template. Drag and drop elements to add them to the page template. 


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