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Chat History

With LiveWebinar Chat History feature you can get a quick preview of all received messages. Return to archived communication threads to reach out to former customers, get valuable insights and drive conclusions from your past events.

LiveWebinar Chat History

Improve communication standards

Detect even the slightest signs of bullying and learn how to deal with inappropriate comments, temper participants bringing the most confusion. With Chat History you will get detailed insights of your conversations, that will help you keep high conversation standards on your next meetings.

Dig deep into the conversation

Having a lively discussion on your meeting? When the temperature of the conversation goes up, it is easy to overlook details that may be crucial for your business. Gain extra time to respond to every question and make sure that you’ve noticed all important details.

Gain detailed insights

Learn more about your attendees and get more background info about a conversation, such as the date or time of a sent message. Knowing these details will help you give your participants an adequate, precise response.

LiveWebinar Chat History

Bring business communication to a new level

Combine Chat History with the Moderated Chat options to create the finest communication standards on your meeting. Build and maintain long-term relationships with your clients and increase your credibility by controlling the content and context of each received message.

Build relationships

Get the opportunity to renew contact with customers even after a long time period. Find your recipients personal details in the Chat Reports section and remind them about your services or products.

Reach anyone

Someone asked a question, but left your webinar before you had the chance to respond? Catch up with participants at any time by checking out their contact details in the Reports section.

Have full overview

Chat History gathers priceless customer feedback and other useful insights and information that will help you improve your future actions and services.

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