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Participant Engagement

Integrate gamification seamlessly into your sessions, offering participants a dynamic point system that tracks and rewards their involvement. Elevate your virtual meetings with interactive and motivating experiences, adding a competitive edge to your events!

Participant Engagement 

Looking to add a competitive edge to your webinars and online events? Our Engagement feature integrates gamification into your sessions, giving your participants a dynamic point system that tracks and rewards their involvement, ensuring your virtual meetings are both interactive and motivating.  



What is Engagement Functionality?

This feature empowers webinar organizers to gather valuable insights into attendee presence and engagement. By assigning points based on specific criteria, you can introduce the magic of gamification to captivate your audience during online meetings, lessons, workshops or training sessions. 

Measure participant focus and increase motivation to actively participate  
Gain valuable insights into participant behavior and preferences 
Set up a scalable system of achievements to issue certificates  
Add elements of fun and competition    
Gamify your webinar or training session 

Give attendees personalized recognition   

Participant Engagement Feature at LiveWebinar

Track Presence Effortlessly with Presence Manager  

Use the integrated function of Presence Manager to monitor and manage attendee participation in real-time, ensuring a dynamic and attentive audience. Check participation at intervals you choose.  

Gamify Learning with Tests and Surveys  

Easily create and distribute tests and quizzes to gamify learning. Award points for test completion based on time or correctness. Create a dynamic score system that fits the shape of your event, whether it's a training session, a lesson, or a team meeting. 

Reward Your Participants with Certificates  

Create personalized Certificates to award your attendees based on their engagement levels. Provide them with tangible proof of their active involvement, boost their motivation and the feeling of achievement.  


Introduce Gamification to Captivate Your Audience 

Welcome to the new era of interactive and engaging online events! With our system, you can see the participation soar. Bring excitement, interaction, and a touch of gamification to your online meetings!

How to Use Engagement Functionality at LiveWebinar


Read our short guide:


1. Choose 'Design new' engagement and create a new Configuration of criteria by giving it a name. 

    2. Define Engagement criteria. 

    3. Set Achievement levels. 


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