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Presence Manager

Elevate your event hosting with Presence Manager, the ultimate attentiveness tracking tool for lectures and online meetings. With this powerful feature, you can detect which participants are actively engaged with the content, who might be distracted, and who is ready to contribute. It's more than just a monitoring tool - it's a bridge to fostering a lively, inclusive, and interactive event atmosphere.

Presence Manager

Have too many inactive participants? Go beyond the basics. Guide your attendees and work towards your goals by sending them customized messages. Spark engagement and track interactions with the help of LiveWebinar Presence Manager.  


presence manager

What is Presence Manager?

Presence Manager is an invaluable tool for event hosts who need assurance that their attendees are actively engaged, especially during large gatherings like lectures or company-wide online meetings. This feature helps you monitor and manage the attentiveness of your audience, ensuring that participants are focused on the presented content. With the use of a Presence Manager, you can easily track participation and foster a more interactive and productive event experience.

Create your own check-in messages 
Inspire your participants to take action 
Turn on voice notifications   
Power up level of engagement   
Verify that your students are present 

React without any delays   

Presence Manager at LiveWebinar

Create Custom Pop-Ups

Use your own check-in messages to allow your participants to confirm their presence throughout your meeting. Select the frequency, duration and randomness of the pop-ups that will appear on your attendees' screens. 

Build Interactions with Your Audience

Select the number of missed messages after which they will be logged out from your meeting. Need more attention? Turn on voice notifications to remind participants that you’re waiting for their response. 

Hit Engagement Peaks 

Let your audience know that you’re waiting for their feedback and ask them simple questions such as “Hey, are you still there?”. LiveWebinar Presence Manager will help you figure out if your audience is paying attention or if their engagement levels need a fix.  

presence manager

Build Meaningful Interactions with Your Audience 

Keep an eye on things and motivate your participants to interact with your content. 

Learn How to Use Presence Manager

See how simple it is:

presence manager

1. Select 'Presence Manager' from the list in the shared menu in your webinar room.   

2. Choose the check-in-message and a random pop-up. 

3. Activate the option. 


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That's it! You’re ready to run your webinar with Presence Manager and keep an eye on things.

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