We protect your privacy

We want you to be safe starting from the moment you plan a meeting to log out from the platform.

Secure environment designed with industry leading performance

LiveWebinar provide security from the point of scheduling your meeting through authenticating participants to sharing content. Informations about your meetings are never permanently stored through LiveWebinar cloud.

Webinar Room Template


Everything shared by a Presenter is directly encoded with SSL (Socket Secure Layer). By requiring this Port by default LiveWebinar Cloud ensures the most only secure presentation and session layers.

All meeting data is transported using a 256-bit SSL - typically internet data requires the use of Port 80 (used for standard HTTP traffic)

Firewall compatibility

Live Webinar does not require specific configuration of your firewall. Connection is established by reliable and highly-secure HTTPS connection (Port 443).

Webinar Room Template

Secure meeting experience

Invite your Attendees by sending them personalized URL. You can gain access to your meetings through authentication. Make sure that no unauthorized person will enter the room.

Data Centers

All meetings are supported by data centers with increased bandwidth and are placed all over the world. Using Live Webinar cloud technology you can be sure that your connection is the most efficient.

Single Sign-on

Live Webinar is easy to use. All you have to do is log in to get access to authorized resources compatible with our service.

Provide your company with essential solutions

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