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Paid Webinars

Kick start your digital events with the help of LiveWebinar. Our platform gives you the option to charge a fee for training, lessons, events, and anything in-between!

Paid Webinars

You’re an expert who wants to share knowledge and easily earn money from it? Organize paid webinars with LiveWebinar – it is easy as hell and bloody profitable. Just get the right tool and make it earn for you.  

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What are Paid Webinars?

This special feature gives you the ability to make money from your online events by selling tickets to attendees. Thanks to it you can share your knowledge and skills with a wider audience and earn. It's not just about providing engaging content; it's about monetizing your wisdom and enhancing your earnings. 

Explore the feature of paid webinars to turn your audience into profits. 

Start your profitable journey with us today! 

safe payments in paid webinars
Quick and safe payments through Stripe, PayPal or Braintree 
Seamless and easy implementation  
Six currencies to choose from 
Available also with evergreen webinars 
Applies to all types of events: lessons, webinars, conferences 
Integrated e-mail and social media marketing tools

Why Choose LiveWebinar for Your Paid Webinars?

Customizable event pages

Create custom virtual event pages to enhance online sign-ups, ensuring a fast and safe checkout process for your attendees. 

Wide range of integrations

Manage paid webinars using built-in event management and e-mail marketing tools that smoothly integrate with CRM and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

Robust analytics and insights

Target the right audience, find out where your online sign-ups are coming from, and improve your webinar marketing with advanced Reporting & Analytics feature. 

Evergreen Webinars

Perfect Recipe for Your Webinar

Easily launch and run paid webinars on a trusted platform that offers your attendees a seamless and safe virtual experience. 

How to Set up Your Paid Webinar?

See how simple it is:

Paid webinar feature works with the help of monetized tickets. While planning the event, you can choose the number of paid tokens that will be available to purchase and set the entry price. After attendees pay for the token, they receive a unique URL enabling them to join the event, just like a ticket for a concert or sporting event. 

How to Record a Webinar?

1. Enter your billing and card information first 

2. Integrate with Stripe, Paypal or Braintree. 

3. Plan your online events.

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