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LiveWebinar is the most advanced webinar platform, offering a multitude of useful options to organize, stream, and promote interactive webinars. Discover the effective and professional features provided by our platform.

Webinar Invitation Template
Elevate your webinar promotions with our customizable email invitation templates. Engage and personalize your approach to captivate your audience and boost your conversion rates.
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Virtual Whiteboard
Experience seamless collaboration with our Virtual Whiteboard. Ideal for educators, teams, and remote meetings, our intuitive whiteboard enhances communication, brainstorming, and visual demonstrations in real-time. Draw, annotate, and share ideas effortlessly - transform your online interactions today.
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Enhance your webinars and online events with personalized certificates. Offer official recognition for engagement and achievements. Add a professional touch to your courses with beautiful, custom-branded certificates that reward participation and learning milestones.
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Participant Engagement
Integrate gamification seamlessly into your sessions, offering participants a dynamic point system that tracks and rewards their involvement. Elevate your virtual meetings with interactive and motivating experiences, adding a competitive edge to your events!
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Presence Manager
Elevate your event hosting with Presence Manager, the ultimate attentiveness tracking tool for lectures and online meetings. With this powerful feature, you can detect which participants are actively engaged with the content, who might be distracted, and who is ready to contribute. It's more than just a monitoring tool - it's a bridge to fostering a lively, inclusive, and interactive event atmosphere.
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Screen Sharing
Show your computer screen to others during a meeting or a presentation over the internet. Conduct interactive webinars, online trainings, tutorials, or technical support sessions. Remotely collaborate on documents, co-browse, onboard new customers, demo products, and more.
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Closed Captioning
Use easy to follow real-time captions automatically displayed to your viewers. Make your online meetings, webinars and video conferences more accessible to your audience.
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Breakout Rooms
Run limitless meetings in one session. Reach all your goals at once by splitting your session into several meetings and collaborating with numerous participants at a time.
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Moderated Chat
Stay focused on your presentation and forget about being distracted by messages showing up in the chat window. Moderated Chat feature enables you to control the conversation while keeping your main ideas in the spotlight.
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Live Chat
Solve problems, lead discussions and answer your audience’s questions. Provide your customers with the information they need to speed up their purchasing decisions.
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Vote Manager
Build real-time interactions by inviting your audience to the debate and showing that their vote counts. Power up your meetings and get instant feedback on matters that mean the most for your business with LiveWebinar Vote Manager.
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Tests and Surveys
Collect information from your webinar participants, research their reactions and analyze their feedback and insights to make better business decisions. With LiveWebinar Tests & Surveys your webinars will become unique and engaging.
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LiveWebinar YouTube & Vimeo Players
Adding video content is a great way of boosting your webinar’s potential and really getting your audience’s attention. With the YouTube & Vimeo Players Feature you can share numerous videos from your favorite video services without leaving the meeting room.
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