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Store Your Files

Enjoy easy access to your documents, presentations and recordings. Organize, store and group your files in the LiveWebinar Cloud Storage.


Organize your library

Keep your files on hand and use them freely during your webinars. Organize your library by segregating your data by types of folders or files.

Easy uploading

Upload important documents, presentations and videos by dragging and dropping your files in the storage container.

Cloud storage solution to fit your needs

Generate reports from which you can find out who participated in your webinar, how involved the users were and what were the most frequently asked questions.

Content filters and files sorting

Choose an event and session from the calendar and download extended or personalised reports with all necessary information about the session.

Control your storage space

Check the available storage space anytime. Now you can keep all of your valuable data without worrying about limits. If you need more storage space contact us.

Moving files into different folders

A simple solution for organizing your library. Click on the "Move to folder" option to place your file in a particular folder.

Files download sharing

Share necessary files with your audience and provide them with the necessary materials. Drag and drop files from your storage to the container on the right side.


Public sharing box

Click "Files download sharing" to share important files with your audience. Next the ”Sharing Container" will show up on the right.

Drag & drop function

This function makes sharing materials with your attendees faster and easier - just drag & drop your documents to the container. You can share many files at once.

Easy sharing

The perfect solution for sharing educational materials with participants after your webinar.

Files details tab

Manage your file library easily. Find everything you need to know about your file, check its type and uploading details. You can also share a file with sub-accounts or present it instantly.

Unique download link

Download a chosen file directly or copy the unique download link, which you can share with any other user.

Detailed info

The details section provides crucial information about your files type and the time it was uploaded.

Multiple managing files options

Present or delete your files immediately, move them to different folders and choose from various options of sharing them with participants and sub-accounts.


Share as download option

Provide your audience with necessary documents, images or presentations and keep full control over shared files. Your content is safe from unauthorised access.

Host view

Control the number of users with whom you’re sharing a particular file. You can also stop sharing the file at any moment and return to presenting your content.

Participant view

View who is sharing with you a particular file, check its type, size and other details such as the file’s name or the time it was created.

Safe upload and download

Now you can be sure that your file library is safe. Uploaded files are checked for destructive programs such as malware and other security threats.

Add to share option

Click "Add to share" on the file details tab and choose files to share. The list will appear in the room, enabling the participants to download files during your webinar.

Instant share

"Add to share" is a useful option giving attendees instant access to necessary materials. Now you can share files without using tabs and fully focus on your webinar.

Files Download List

View which file was downloaded and choose if the participants have access to the download list. Click on the eye icon to disable or enable downloading specific files from the list.


Share with sub-accounts

If you have multiple accounts under your company’s name you can freely share content with other sub-accounts. Decide whether you want to share files with your co-workers, presenters, trainers and external consultants.


Choose accounts to share with

Share files with all sub-accounts or only with the selected ones.


Enable other sub-accounts to read, overwrite or delete shared files.


Access from multiple devices

Storage converts your files to display correctly on a wide range of devices. Upload and share files with users of any operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices.

Grid and list view

Check out your library in different layouts. Test the grid and list view and choose which one matches your preferences.

LiveWebinar Cloud

Store your files safely in the LiveWebinar cloud. Upload important materials without worrying about security.

Seamless sharing

Share files between various platforms & operating systems. With LiveWebinar downloading & uploading is effortless and easy.

Stress free collaboration

Upload & share necessary files with your team. Give files permissions and provide your teammates with valuable content for your webinars.

Watch our tutorial

If you want to know more about sharing files with LiveWebinar storage.


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