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Recording Editor

Turn on chat moderation and get access to all messages ever sent to the main chat window. See which participants sent which message, when it was sent and what it contained.

Insert a proper beginning

Build a consistent brand that your customers will recognize. Add some graphic content as an introduction to your recordings. It could be a logo or anything related to your brand. Adjust the display duration – you can insert an image as an intro for up to 15 seconds.

Add your own outro

Customize the end screen of your recording. You can insert content that redirects participants to your website or show an image related to your latest promotion. All of this could make your branding more consistent and recognizable to potential customers.

Recordings Editor
Recordings Editor

Watermark your recordings

Mark all stored recordings with your company’s symbol and improve your brand recognition. Add a watermark in vector or raster graphics format. Scale its size or change its position according to your preferences.

Trim your recordings

Delete unnecessary parts from your recording using the trimming tool. Choose those parts of the recording you want to erase and leave only the most interesting or important ones. You can create multiple crop sections, so you don't have to repeat the whole process again.

Recordings Editor
Work smartly

Get more done, by applying automatic postprocessing to your recordings. Have more time to focus on your most important projects.

Build brand recognition

Make your customers purchase from you again. Help your clients identify with you and your purposes. Let them get to know your brand more on a personal level.

Make them trust you

Well-made branding increases your company credibility among your customers. The video editor can help you attract new clients and raise loyal followers of your brand.

Turn on Automatic PostProcessing

Save time and apply post processing to your recordings automatically. Forget about editing your recordings every single time. Just launch it and let the system do the rest.

Automated Watermark

Set the same watermark for each recording in your storage. Choose its default position and size, and it will be applied to the rest of the videos.

Default introduction

Upload a picture which will be used as an introduction to your videos. It can be an image in vector or raster format. Remember to set the duration of your intro based on the available options.

The same end screen every time

Upload a picture that will be used as the ending screen of your recordings. Choose an image in vector or raster format. You can set the duration of your outro from the available options.

Recordings Editor

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