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Webinar Registration Forms

Use registration forms to let participants register for your webinars, online meetings and web conferences. With LiveWebinar user-friendly Registration Forms you will gather valuable data and high quality leads.

Webinar Registration Forms

Want to boost your webinar registrations? Make sign-ups easy for your attendees with our in-built, customizable registration forms. Start collecting the data you need to grow your audience from day one.


What are Webinar Registration Forms?

These online tools are designed to collect information from potential webinar attendees, enabling them to sign up for events. These forms capture essential details like names and email addresses, helping organizers to improve their marketing strategy and drive more sales.

Boost webinar sign-ups   
Enable only work emails for registration, if needed
Easily download lists of registrants

Collect email addresses and phone numbers

Freely edit and personalize your forms
Reach new clients with the gathered data

Webinar Registration Forms at LiveWebinar

Customize field types

Create your own registration form with checkboxes and a custom text. You may update the created form at any time. Keep it simple, yet effective.

Gather quality leads

Allow only work emails to register for your event. This function allows you to focus on attendees who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Integrate with marketing automation tools

Easily connect your form to the apps you use with both native integrations and a Zapier set-up. You can also use our API to connect to any other app.

Manage Your Registration Forms in One Place    

No more juggling multiple spreadsheets or email chains. Our registration forms automatically organize attendee data, making it easy to manage and track registrations for all your events..  

Welcome to stress-free webinar prep. Welcome to LiveWebinar. 


How to Use Registration Forms at LiveWebinar

1. Schedule a webinar  

2. Go to the ‘Registration’ tab in the upper menu of the Dashboard and choose “Design a new form”.

3. Give your form a name, description and choose the fields to be used.  


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