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Evergreen Webinars

Explore the potential of evergreen webinars for continuous business growth. Learn effective techniques for creating, managing, and optimizing automated webinars for sustained audience engagement and lead conversion.

Evergreen Webinars

No time to run live webinars? Go automated! Discover the stress-free way to engage, convert, and grow your business. Set up your webinar once and run it forever.

Let your webinar content work for you 24/7 generating leads and sales in a highly effective way.

evergreen webinars

What are Evergreen Webinars?

Evergreens are so... simple. They are pre-recorded webinars that can be scheduled to run at any time on-demand. No matter the hour, time zone, or date your content stays fresh, engaging, and working for you non stop. Prepare your webinar once, invite your participants and... forget about the whole thing. Let your business spin on its own, attracting new prospects all the way round.

Just record, schedule, engage... and repeat!

You record them once and then repeat.
They generate leads while you sleep.
They can be viewed at any time.
Your content is always polished, with no live mistakes.
You save time and resources on preparation.
No supervision needed!

Why Choose LiveWebinar for Your Evergreen Webinars?

Host Evergreens under your domain

Support brand consistency and get extra promotion by embeding your evergreen event into your webpage.

Add custom call-to action

Make your evergreen sessions as engaging as live events! Apply call-to-actions during a selected time period to get your audience deeply involved in your event.

Engage viewers with Live chat

Enable real-time interaction between participants. Let them share their thoughts, provide feedback and easily make notes with the saved Chat history.

Evergreen Webinars

Perfect recipe for your webinar

Nail your webinars every time – automate the whole process while keeping the vibes of a live event. Choose a pre-recorded video, set it on auto-play, add some custom Call-to-Actions for extra engagement and let the magic begin!

How to set up your automated webinar?

See how simple it is:

How to Record a Webinar?

1. Define your automated webinar

Define your automated webinar scheduling or set it up as "Just in time" to be available instantly.

2. Choose your video source: LiveWebinar

Choose your video source: LiveWebinar recording, YouTube or Vimeo video.

3. Set up Call-to-Action 

Trigger your CTAs in specific moments.

Optionally set up other room preferences: Registration form, Agenda, Tracking or Paid tickets.

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