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Invite Participants

With the LiveWebinar Invite Participants feature your attendees may join the meeting from any device by simply clicking the invitation link – no downloading or registration required.

Invite Participants

Make your guests feel welcome

The invitation form is like a business card for your meeting – based on its details your guests will form an opinion about the whole event.

Make a positive first impression

Create a good impression hours before starting your webinar by sending personalized and detailed messages.

Create an announcement that pulls people in

Break entry barriers and increase your webinar’s attendance by matching the type of invitation to your guest’s preferences. Choose among four different invitation options and surprise your participants with the ease of joining in!

Set roles and go for individuality

While setting up your event you can assign roles and decide whether your guests will join the event as presenters or attendees.

Turn your message into a personal statement

Create personalized text and voice messages for guests starring specific roles to let them know if they should prepare for the meeting.

Invite Participants
Invite Participants

Email message

An email message invitation comes in handy when you’re hosting a broad event with a large number of participants. This option provides the possibility to reach many participants with one email.

Each of your guests will receive a message with the event’s details and an invitation link redirecting them to the waiting room.

Customized email invitations

Every invited person will receive an email with the event details. As the host, you can customize the invitations in the way you want with many different features.

Invitations can be sent from your email address, and you can set the “From:” and “From name:” fields to values of your choice. You can also add your logo and colors on email template.

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Invite Participants

Call Out

Choose the Call Out option to tune your guests in instantly, regardless of the circumstances. This feature is perfect for setting up urgent meetings, when you need a quick response from your attendees.

When your guests receive a Call-Out invitation they will gain quick audio access to the meeting without having to interrupt their current activities.

Invite Participants
Invite Participants

Text Message

Sending a Text Message is another one-step way of inviting your guests by cell phone. Your attendees will appreciate the simplicity of receiving a SMS with the meeting’s URL linking them directly to your transmission.

This option will provide them with a high quality audio and video experience from any mobile device.

Download Personal URLs

Personalize and automize the sending of invitations at the same time. Upload your CVS files to invite a wide number of guests, all while while having the freedom of assigning roles and creating customized messages.

Generate invitations in CSV format

Write down the first name and email of the participant you want to invite and download the generated invitation in a CSV file extension.

Invite Participants

Watch our tutorial

If you want to know more about inviting participants to your events.

Invite Participants

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