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Basic software configuration for personal meetings

US$ 0


Try limited features:
Host up to 5 attendees
1 Live session
E-mail invitations – 20/24h
Registration form
Test, Polls, Surveys
Organize meetings up to 45 minutes


More fuel for teams that want to develop their webinar strategies

US$ 17.99

Billed per month

All the benefits of Free plus:
Host up to 100 attendees or more with Add-ons
1 Live session
Paid Add-ons - price list given below
E-mail invitations – 200/24h
6h recordings
Virtual backgrounds
Branding tool
Paid webinars
Ads banner
SD/HD recorder settings
Page Templates

Best choice

Perfect for businesses that are looking for enhanced online meeting experience

US$ 143

Billed per month

All the benefits of Pro plus:
Host up to 500 attendees or more with Add-ons
1 Live session
Paid Add-ons - price list given below
Bulk invitations
8h recordings
Recordings external storage
5 evergreen webinars
Participants tracking
Presence manager
Paid webinars
Ads banner
SD/HD/FHD recorder settings
Page Templates

Business Plus

Ready-made solution for large-scale events

US$ 275

Billed per month

All the benefits of Business plus:
Host up to 1000 attendees or more with Add-ons
1 Live session
HQ External Live Streaming
Language Interpretation
12h recordings
Paid Add-ons - price list given below
Bulk invitations
Recordings external storage
5 evergreen webinars
Participants tracking
Presence manager
Paid webinars
Ads banner
SD/HD/FHD recorder settings
Page Templates
Mail Templates


Fully customized software for the most demanding enterprises

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Tailored to your business ecosystem:
All events and meetings under your own domain
1 Live session
The premium level of support with designated Enterprise Account Manager
Customized features and options tailored to your business
Full enhancement of your brand identity with custom CSS and JS files

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free pro business business
US$ 0


US$ 17.99

Billed per month

US$ 143

Billed per month

Business Plus
US$ 275

Billed per month

Number of Attendees 5 100 500 1000
Session duration limit 45 min unlimited unlimited unlimited
Recording hours 6H 8H 12H
Page Templates New 10 20 20
Presenters 1 100 150 150
Storage Space 50 MB 500 MB 1 GB 1 GB
Email Invitations 20/24h 200/24h 1000/24h 1000/24h
Session Management
Waiting Room
Agenda Creator
Room Layouts 6 6 6 6
Text message invitations ask support ask support ask support
Call-in Invitations ask support ask support ask support
Recordings External Storage
Presence Manager
Bulk Invitations
Screen Sharing
Share Documents
Download File POD
Youtube Player
Vimeo Player
Website Presenter New
Sub-accounts 20 100 100
Room Languages
Interview AV Mode
Hangouts Template
Chat Translation
Virtual Backgrounds
Auto-launch Presentations
Closed Captioning
Tests, Polls, Surveys 3 10 20 20
Branding Tool
Vote Manager
Chat Moderation
Q&A session New
Ads Banner
Marketing Automation
Embed Code
Forms 3 10 20 20
Call To Action
Paid Webinars New
Exit URL
Evergreen Webinars 3 5 5
Permanent Rooms
Advanced Reporting
Participants Tracking
Advanced API 1 2 3 3
Recorder Settings SD/HD 24 fps SD/HD/FHD 24, 30 fps SD/HD/FHD 24, 30 fps
Recordings Callbacks 1 1
Account Assistants 1 2 2
Storage Share With Sub-accounts
Automated Post-processing ask support ask support
Brightcove Player ask support ask support
Spotlightr Player ask support ask support
REST Webhooks 1 15 30 50
Paid Add-ons - price list given below
Additional attendees +50 900 500 500
Break-out Rooms +5 30 30 30
Concurrent Sessions 20 20 20
Broadcast to social media
Language Interpretation included in the plan
HQ External Live Streaming included in the plan
Phone Bridge
Friendly URL
Recording hours +10h 100 100 100
Recordings Editor
Storage size +5GB 100 100 100
Mail Templates New included in the plan
Better Recording Quality New included in the plan included in the plan

Add-on prices

Add-on Price Billed per month
Break-out Rooms +5 US$ 18
Concurrent Sessions US$ 12

for every 50 attendees in the account

Broadcast to social media US$ 59
Language Interpretation US$ 18
HQ External Live Streaming US$ 18
Phone Bridge US$ 59
Friendly URL US$ 6
Recording hours +10h US$ 12
Recordings Editor US$ 24
Additional attendees +50 US$ 12
Storage size +5GB US$ 7
Mail Templates US$ 39
Better Recording Quality US$ 16

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Frequently asked questions

Check the answers for the most common questions

Yes, of course. The FREE plan gives you a chance to test the basic configuration of the LiveWebinar platform. There’s no credit card required to set up a FREE account. We don’t restrict you with a testing period either. Once set up, you’ll receive access to a FREE lifetime account.

The room capacity defines how many people can attend a meeting. LiveWebinar offers 3 paid packages: PRO, BUSINESS and BUSINESS PLUS, each with a different limit of attendees. As an example, the PRO package has a standard limit of 100 attendees, meaning that you can host an event with a maximum of 100 participants. Please note that the limit is calculated per session, this means that you may host multiple rooms, each having its own limit of 100 attendees. You can increase the room capacity after purchase by choosing the right add-on.

You can increase your LiveWebinar package limits by upgrading to the PRO, BUSINESS and BUSINESS PLUS plan by clicking the “Upgrade Subscription” option in your user panel. You will be asked to choose a new package. Please note that you can upgrade from a free account to the PRO or BUSINESS plans. ENTERPRISE is a separate option and is charged per quote.

LiveWebinar packages can be easily customized with a variety of additional options or capacities depending on your needs. You may increase the room capacity up to 1,000 attendees or stack your account with more features like Break-out rooms, HQ Live Streaming or the Friendly URL option. You can make changes on your account at any time by purchasing add-ons which are available in your user panel. If you need different features or settings that aren’t available in the add-on panel, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Add-ons are additional features that can be purchased at any time for PRO, BUSINESS, BUSINESS PLUS plans after purchasing a package. They allow you to expand your account, e.g. with an additional number of participants, concurrent sessions or additional storage capacity (just to name a few). To access the add-on panel, open your profile menu, go to “Billing” and enter the payment method you’ll use to pay for the add-ons. You can pay either by card or PayPal. No matter the subscription period, add-ons are billed on monthly basis. You can any time switch them off from the level of your user panel.

We use Braintree and PayPal as payment gateway operators to ensure 100% security of all online transactions.