How to host a live webinar for free

Hosting a webinar live for the first time can be intimidating. Looking for pointers as to how to get started? Read on! In this article we list all the things you need to know to get started with hosting live webinars.

5 Commonly Believed Webinar Myths: Debunked

Unicorns, dragons, bigfoot, webinars. What do they all have in common? Myths! Yes, even webinars have an air or mystery around them sometimes. In this article we do our best to dispel the most common misconceptions surrounding webinars. Read on if you want to be enlightened with the truth about webinars!

How to Set Up a Home Office

Over the past few months we’ve all gotten pretty used to the idea of working from home. A few of might’ve also gotten used to working from the couch, or from bed, and while that may be comfortable, it’s exactly the most productive of spaces. So how does one set up a fully functioning home office? Read on to learn how to create the perfect working space for yourself!

How to Work from Home and Stay Productive

Working from home is great, until the chaos of home seeps into your workday. Children, pets, (that one cabinet under the sink that you’ve been meaning to clean for months), are all calling for your attention. Staying focused in such an environment can be extremely difficult. Let this article be your guide to productivity in the age of remote work!

Four Effective Ways to Nurture Leads Post Webinar

After your webinar, you might feel like it’s time to sit back and relax. However, all the leads you gained through your webinar won’t come back to you one their own. Keeping in touch with leads is key, but can be difficult to get started. In this article by Adam Enfroy, we explore the four most effective methods of nurturing leads, read on to learn more!

Handy Integrations to Make the Most of Your Webinar

Everyone can use a helping hand every once in a while, right? That applies to your webinars too! No matter if you’re leading a lesson, hosting a sales meeting, or running a webinar, integrations can help you make the most of your event. Read on to learn more!

Webinar Topic Ideas

Webinars are a great tool for getting an idea or theme across, but there are so many topics that can be covered by webinars that it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you’re feeling stuck on selecting a topic for your webinar, this article might be what you need!

Promote your webinar with these 10 good practices

You’ve created your webinar, and you’re ready to sit back and relax - but wait, what about promotion? To make sure that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, promoting your event is a key part of the planning process. If you’re trying to find the most effective methods for advertising your webinar, this article is for you.

10 Reasons to Choose LiveWebinar

With the amount of webinar softwares to choose from, making the right decision can be overwhelming. If you’re thinking about making the switch to our platform, let us help in your selection process - this article outlines the 10 reasons why you should go with LiveWebinar.

How to create a webinar-ready presentation?

Your webinar is planned and all details are in place - but what about the big presentation you’re going to give during it? A presentation can make or break a webinar, but with the right tools in hand and a checklist of points to go over before the webinar can make things easy. In this article we discuss the best ways to create a webinar ready presentation - read on to learn how!

13 mistakes you can make when preparing and leading a webinar

When planning a webinar, paying attention to details is key - if you don’t, there’s a likelihood that your webinar won’t go the way you wish it would. ln this article we go over the most common mistakes that can be made when preparing your webinar, and how to best avoid them. If you want to plan a flawless webinar, read on!

How to be Successful in Online Classes with LiveWebinar

As schools and universities shift their focus to online learning due to COVID-19, many educators found themselves dealing with a form of teaching that most of them weren’t previously prepared for. Leading online classes can be intimidating, and planning them can be different from planning a traditional lesson - for that reason we’ve created a guide on achieving success in your online teaching. Read on to learn more!

A short guide to successful brainstorming in the world of remote work

Collaboration is key to any success business. Whether you’re trying to create the next big product, or organize a successful marketing campaign, a brainstorming session will like start the creative process. But how does that work when your team isn’t together in the office? Read on to learn what stands behind a successful, online brainstorming session!

50 video conferencing statistics for the year 2020 (remote work, webinars and more)

The year 2020 has brought along a lot of changes to the workplace - one of them being a sharp increase in the use of video conferencing. Remote and video conferencing turned out from novelty to necessity in a blink of an eye. Here are 50 remote work and video conferencing statistics picked by us.

6 Public Speaking Mistakes to Avoid During Webinars

Pubic speaking abilities are not something we’re all born with, rather they’re a skill that needs to nurtured with practice, and this also applies when you’re the host of an online meeting or webinar. This article can help guide you when you’re taking your first steps with public (online) speaking.

SaaS Webinars: How to Run Demo Webinars

SaaS businesses may have a hard time standing out from fierce competition. In a very saturated market, reaching target groups of potential clients seem to be more difficult than ever before.

How to make webinars that convert? Change leads into customers.

Making a webinar that converts is usually the main intent when hosting one in the first place. But how do we ensure that it converts the way we want? Finding the right method might be difficult, but with the right tools it can be a breeze! In this article we discuss how to best change leads into customers with the help of webinars.

Live vs Evergreen Webinars: What’s the Difference?

Webinars are increasingly becoming a more commonly used form of content, but what’s the deal with normal webinars, and evergreen ones? Read on to learn what the differences are, and what types of benefits they can bring your business.

The Increasing Importance of Live Webinars in a Multilingual Digital Age of Business

As business process outsourcing becomes more prevalent, even many domestic firms are finding themselves with a need for multilingual webinars for everything from training sessions to business meetings. Find out everything you need to know about multilingual webinars here. Why you need them. How to conduct them. Why LiveWebinar is the place to make it happen.

The Best Webinar Titles - 8 Tips for Creating Catchy Webinar Names

You’ve just created your perfect webinar, but what to call it? Finding the right name for your webinar seems like a simple enough task, but it can be trickier than it seems. The right name will pique curiosity and pull people in, but the wrong name can have the opposite effect. Don’t sweat about crafting the right name - this article will provide you with all the information you’ll need to give your webinar the perfect name.

In case of emergency: how to prepare your company for a second wave of COVID-19

As recent studies and trends unfortunately show, COVID-19 doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down any time soon. This leaves many people wondering about how to prepare their company and their employees for a potential second wave. Drawing up a plan on how to prepare your business for a second wave can be intimidating, but our hopes are that the tips in this article will help ease the transition. Read on to learn more!

How to create interaction during a webinar?

Feeling like your audience is slowly drifting away from you while you’re hosting you webinar isn’t great. How to keep them interested? One of the best ways to do so is through creating engagement and interaction. If you’re not sure how to get started with that, let this article be your guide!

Do companies still need offices?

Is the idea of an office slowly becoming outdated? Is it possible to have a strong company that’s 100% remote? A year or two ago such questions would seem ridiculous to most, but nowadays they pop up more and more. This article could help you answer those questions for yourself.

Why remote work is the future of our workforce

The year 2020 has taught us many things, and just one of them is that remote work is not a passing trend, but rather is here to stay. As more and more companies go remote, and even contemplate going office free, it leaves the question: what does the future of our workforce look like? In this article we discuss our predictions about why remote work is here to stay.

Now Introducing Multitokens (and More!)

We’ve been working hard on adding new features and updates for our users. Read on to learn all that’s new with LiveWebinar!

How long should the perfect webinar be?

Are you creating your first webinar are worried about not delivering all your information in time? Or is it the opposite, that you’ll spend too long talking about one topic? Rest easy, in this article we detail the best timeframes for making your perfect webinar.

Best time of day and week to host webinars

Not every day of the week is the best for webinars. In this article we elaborate which days, and what times will spike your webinar attendance (and which ones will do the opposite). If you’re ready to become a webinar scheduling master, read on!

The Future of Remote Work After COVID-19 - Our Predictions

COVID-19 has irreversibly changed the way that businesses function, and thanks to it remote work is slowly becoming the norm (and a necessity). As most companies contemplate the switch to remote work, we're contemplating the future of remote jobs. Read on to learn more!

“Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”) Charity Conference

We're proud to mention that we've been chosen as a technological partner in the Polish charity conference “Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”). Read on to find out more!

A Guide To Using LiveWebinar Like A Pro

Are you scratching your head and wondering how to answer questions like: how do I lead a video conference? How can I keep my attendees interested and engaged? If you need some help finding the answers, this article might be what you’re looking for.

LiveWebinar's Short Guide to Teaching Online

Making the switch to teaching online can be intimidating at first, but creating a plan of action and getting know your software can make that transition as smooth as possible.

How to get the greatest benefits from working remotely?

Remote work has become a new norm for office workers in the 21st century, but what are the true benefits of getting to work from home?

How to make webinars more interactive

Hosting an interactive webinar isn’t always easy, learn some useful tips to keep your webinars as interactive and engaging as possible!

The do’s and dont’s of Virtual Meeting Etiquette

If you think of it as a set of old-fashioned rules that used to be followed by royal family members, it’s time to change your approach!

The complete guide to evergreen webinars

It’s a powerful automation tool that allows your business to flourish without you even lifting a finger. Refresh your view on evergreen content and discover how to reinforce achieving your goals with LiveWebinar automated sessions.

How to Look Good on Video Chat

Make your online meeting even more appealing by presenting your best self to the audience. Learn how to quickly improve your appearance and dress up for your meeting’s success!

Online classes – 5 ways to success

Running online classes can be challenging... Learn practical tips how to create a perfect environment for your online classroom event!

5 online Meeting Fails and How to Avoid Them

In this article we will show you some examples of online meetings fails and provide you with tips how to avoid the most common mistakes.

How to create webinars that teach?

Meeting in a virtual classroom – this is a great advantage of an online lecture and your students should be aware of it. Follow these 5 rules to run your educational webinar like a pro!

10 steps for creating a perfect webinar

Create bonds with the audience, build your authority as an expert, as well as generate valuable leads and boost sales. Get the most out of hosting webinars by following these 10 easy steps!

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