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Webinar Presenters

Relax during the event by providing yourself with professional assistance. Invite presenters to lead your meeting and support you during your webinars. Share your account with the presenters while keeping everything under control with the Webinar Presenters feature.

Webinar Presenters

Find the perfect presenters

Add users to your presenter list and assign them to your events. Create presenter profiles and fill the gaps in your webinar’s program by inviting experts.

Increase your meeting’s impact

Improve your online events by inviting presenters and letting them share their knowledge with your audience.

Manage Presenters

Reach a wider audience by inviting guest presenters who are real experts in their field. Increase your event’s credibility and let others support you in boosting sales and generating high quality leads.

Run meetings under your own rules

Make sure your message reaches the participants while having full control over the meeting’s scenario. Choose presenters who fully understand your content and know exactly how to interact with your audience.

Keep important data in one place

The presenter’s option on the Dashboard can be used to get more details about your presenters, view their names, email addresses, phone numbers and biograms.

Webinar Presenters
Webinar Presenters

Create Presenter Profiles

The Presenter profile creator is easy to use and simple to create. After filling out the form you may upload profile photos to be able to recognise your presenters on the list without checking further details.

Tell your attendees more about your presenters

Create new and edit existing profiles of presenters by add their names, nicknames, countries, time zones and biograms. You can also delete specific presenters or invite them to events.

Assign presenter roles during your event

Encourage your attendees to speak up by assigning them Presenter roles. Allow your attendees take up the presenter role and let them narrate your meeting and engage the rest of your audience.

Benefit from presenter’s support

Be ready for any scenario - assign presenter roles in case you will need an additional speaker.

View presenter’s Details

Complete Presenter Profiles by adding personal data such as email addresses or links to social media accounts.

Get full presenter insights

Gain access to your presenters’ location, meeting history or browser in use.

Webinar Presenters

Deliver engaging and inspiring online events

Improve your professional image and position yourself as an expert by inviting presenters to your meeting. With the LiveWebinar Presenters feature you will make your message clear and compelling.

Have an impact

Spread your marketing message with the LiveWebinar Presenters feature. Reach a wider audience and gain more potential customers.

Get support

With the presenters’ support you can fully control your event. Assign Presenter roles to get help with chat moderation or management of participants.

Generate leads

Run online meetings with well-known guest speakers to build long lasting and profitable relationships with your clients and to grow your sales.

Webinar Presenters

Customize Presenter roles

Control your presenters’ access and assign them specific options and settings. Create personalised Presenter Profiles that perfectly fit your needs.

Give control to other users and let them contribute to your webinar’s success. Allow presenters to share their screens, create Whiteboards, broadcast YouTube videos and fully use all of their privileges.

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