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Webinar Interface Template

The Webinar Room Template is perfect for sharing materials to larger groups of participants. Keep your content at hand and choose from various tools to present many ideas at the same time.

Webinar Interface Template

A content-centric approach

Choose this template to run webinars and presentations during which you share materials with many users.

The large content area enables showing various items at the same time and offers many features fully adjustable to your needs.

Share content with no limits

Don’t worry about choosing between showing your presentation, sharing your screen or running a poll. Now you can perform all of these activities simultaneously! Create as many cards as you need and switch between them smoothly during your webinar.

Open up for new solutions

Choose from various options of sharing content which are available on the Open Share Menu. Stream your webinar to various social media channels or enrich your seminar by adding videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Content distribution under control

Choose the Webinar Template to have full control over every element your viewers may see on their screens. This way your participants will see only the active cards while you’re keeping an eye on every detail displayed on the screen.

Webinar Interface Template

Everything you need to run a webinar

Create the most interactive webinar experience with a intuitive interface. Try different ways to reach your audience and boost the engement around the webinar. With the Webinar Interface Template you can turn your webinars into massive revenue generators.

Webinar Interface Template

Organize your content with one click

The content area, placed in the central part of the template, gives you quick access to all of the shared materials.

Manage your content easily by using the intuitive Open Share Menu which reveals a full list of options with one click.

Adaptable Audio & Video mode

Switch between different audio and video settings, depending on your needs. Decide whether you want to share the view from your camera or reduce your broadcast only to sound.

Live Chat for unlimited communication

Communicate fluently with other attendees, moderate discussions and start private chats. Skip language barriers by using the translator option and have an impact on every aspect of your interaction.

Webinar Interface Template

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