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Source Tracking

Discover which marketing efforts are most effective with our Source Tracking feature. Easily track leads and identify key channels to optimize your strategy and boost ROI. Start understanding your audience better today!

Source Tracking

Ever wondered which of your promotional efforts are truly paying off? Want to understand where your audience is coming from? Our Source Tracking feature makes it easy to monitor leads and identify your most successful marketing channels for more informed strategic planning.



source tracking

What is Source Tracking?

Source tracking lets you determine the exact number of individuals who clicked on the link, signed up for the event, and attended it from different channels, such as social media or newsletters. With this data, you can make well-informed decisions on how to allocate your promotional budget across various marketing channels for your webinars.  

safe payments in paid webinars
Build data-driven marketing for your webinars 
See which countries and cities your traffic is coming from
View clear charts filled with data ready for further usage
Discover which promotional channels work best
Generate advanced reports and download them in .xls or .csv format
Analyze trends and plan your budget wisely

Source Tracking at LiveWebinar

Pinpoint your best channels

Find out exactly where your attendees are coming from – be it a Facebook post, a newsletter blast, or Google Ads (and many more). Understanding the origin of your clicks, sign-ups, and event participants has never been easier.

Dive deep into your data

Gain valuable insights with data such as the number of visits (link clicks), registrants, and participants. Monitor the cities and countries your audience is coming from with the help of clear, downloadable graphs.

Budgeting done right

Armed with knowledge down to the exact number of participants each channel brings, allocating your promotional budget just got a whole lot smarter. Invest more in what works, and cut back on what doesn’t. Yes, it’s that simple.

source tracking

Welcome to smarter planning & better targeting 

No more wasted budget on channels that don't perform. No more uncertainty about where to focus your efforts. With LiveWebinar’s Tracking Source, becoming a marketing maestro is a piece of cake! 


Learn how to use Source Tracking with LiveWebinar

See how simple it is:

How to use source tracking

1. Create a new event and select Source Tracking.

2. Click on the option "Create new source and link with this event" and give it a name that describes the channel you want to track.

3. Copy the link created this way with a special parameter and use it to promote the event in the channel.

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