What is a webinar?

The basic definitions of a webinar include a lecture, training session, or seminar that is broadcast using web conferencing software.

Webinars can be live, automated or on demand, depending on your needs.

What is a webinar? – LiveWebinar.com

What is the basis of every webinar?

Sharing content

During a web conference, the host is presenting a specific type of content to attendees.


Presenters can also show themselves to their listeners, invite other speakers and share their computer screens for slideshows.


Webinars are perfect for giving expert advice, training, or demonstrations. Some of them are organized in a Q&A mode.

What does a typical webinar look like?

This type of online communication may include a variety of interactive elements.

What is a webinar? – LiveWebinar.com

Polls & Surveys

Let your audience ask you questions in real time and gain instant feedback.

Ad Banners

Display your offer during the meeting to encourage attendees to buy your product or service.

Live Chat

Engage your audience in real-time conversations with the integrated chat functionality.


Drive participants to take action and click on the link, boosting conversion rates.

Why do people organize webinars?

Many branches (e-learning, HR, consulting) use webinars for internal and external communication.


A typical example is recruiting new employees by HR departments.

Better UX

Webinars help organizers promote brands and customer experiences.

Lead magnet

They can also help boost sales and provide high quality leads.

Lower costs

They let you save money and time spent on commuting.

What do you need to host a webinar?

Hosting webinars is easier than you think with the help of online communication tools.

Basic tools

All you need to organize an online meeting is an Internet connection and a computer with webinar software.

Sense of quality

If you want to be sure that attendees hear your voice clearly it's good to have a high quality microphone.

Plan & idea

Well organized webinars can work miracles. The most effective ones have established objectives and an agenda.

What is a webinar? – LiveWebinar.com

How to choose the best webinar software?

Choosing the right software often depends on the type of online meeting you are going to hold. Will you be hosting marketing webinars, e-learning courses, or web conferences

What is a webinar? – LiveWebinar.com

On-demand options

Webinars are often conducted in real-time, while some are recorded specifically to be available later on demand or as automated events.

Stream & Record

Pay attention to the streaming and recording features of a particular webinar platform.

Why you should start hosting webinars

Reaching customers

This is a great opportunity to create your customer base and reach your audience.

Large effect at low cost

Webinars are also inexpensive to create, and there is a good chance that you can host them as professionally as big companies do.

Brand awareness & better targeting

By hosting webinars, you can raise awareness of your brand and gain a better understanding of your customers.

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