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Enhance your webinars and online events with personalized certificates. Offer official recognition for engagement and achievements. Add a professional touch to your courses with beautiful, custom-branded certificates that reward participation and learning milestones.

Certificate of Participation 

Want to offer more than just knowledge in your webinars and online events? Create beautiful, customized certificates that can be awarded based on engagement or completion. Provide official recognition to your attendees by adding a professional touch to your online events. 





What is the Certificate function

With this option, you can create and customize professional certificates, then send them to participants after your online session is over. These certificates can be linked to engagement levels or completion of your course, providing satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment for your attendees. It is a perfect way to add value to your online courses. 

Award attendees with formal recognition and enhance the value of your courses  
Customize certificates with your logo, colors, and designs to maintain brand integrity and recognition  
Integrate Certificates with the Engagement feature and introduce gamification into your sessions  
Create personalized templates that can be reused   
Automate the issuance process and save time to focus more on content and less on administrative tasks

Best for professional training sessions, lessons, educational courses or workshops 

Certificates at LiveWebinar

Easily Design Your Certificate

Make your educational events more memorable by issuing professional certificates that attendees will be proud to display. With our easy-to-use certificate creator, you can tailor each certificate to reflect your brand and the individual achievements of the participants.

Simplify Your Workflow 

Easily create and distribute tests and quizzes to gamify learning. Award points for test completion based on time or correctness. Create a dynamic score system that fits the shape of your event, whether it's a training session, a lesson, or a team meeting. 

Gamify Learning with Engagement Function

Utilize the integrated Engagement function to introduce gamification to your online meetings. Conduct tests and quizzes, measure engagement and achievement levels to boost motivation and satisfaction among your audience. 


Unlock Achievement! Issue Certificates with LiveWebinar.

Create. Send. Impress. 

Watch attendee satisfaction rise. Bring a sense of achievement, recognition, and a touch of personalization to your training sessions!

How to Issue Certificates with LiveWebinar


Read our short guide:


1. Enable the Certificate option in the Engagement tab.

    2. Choose a template. 

    3. Customize the template and save it. 


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    That’s it! You are ready to level up your webinars with certificates and watch your attendees beam with accomplishment.  

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