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How to create a Certificate?

This option lets you issue certificates to participants after the meeting has ended.  

Before you start creating your certificate, you have to remember to create an event first. Click here to learn how to create an event. 

Once the event is created, you can go to the event creation panel to start creating your certificates for this event. 

Enabling the option of Certificates  

  1. To activate the option of Certificates, first you need to go to the "Advanced" tab and enable the “Thank you email” option for your event. 
  2. Then go to the upper menu of your Event and choose “Engagement” tab. 
  3. Find “Certificates” tab. For the next step, you need to choose the option: Design new 

Choosing a template  

Now it’s time to choose your template. You have several options to choose from when you want to design your new certificate. Pick one form from the list of templates and edit it according to your needs and preferences.  

Click on the template of your choice and give your certificate template a name.  

Now you can start editing it. 

It is important to note that you can not only choose a template from the list of available templates in the tool, but you can also use HTML to build your own template.  

How to edit my certificate?  

You have several options to edit your certificate according to your needs and preferences.  

1. Set up some appearance options in the right panel. You can optionally:  

- Choose the format of the certificate: horizontal or vertical.  

- Set the background from the options in the tool. You can also add your own background as File from Storage or File from the link. 

- Add badges, using drag & drop  

2. Fill in the content of your certificate by entering:  

- Name of your attendee 

- Name of your certificate 

- Name of the course that your attendee has completed 

- Name of the person or organization that organized the course 

- Date of course completion

3. Edit the appearance of the certificate.  

- Choose the font, its size, color and alignment 

- You can also add a link 

4. Save your certificate.  

You can also choose to save it and instantly exit the editing panel.  

You have the option to see the preview of your certificate as well.  

The certificate will be available for download on the Thank you page and in the Thank you email. 

Where to find my saved Certificates?  

To find your saved Certificates, go to the left sidebar and choose “Attendees” tab. Then select “Certificates”. Once you do that, the list of your saved certificates will open.  

You can then edit a chosen certificate, delete it or download a preview.