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How do I create a webinar landing page?

Using LiveWebinar platform, you can create your own custom registration pages with registration forms. This option is available for all paid accounts.

To add your own landing page to the webinar, schedule a new event and choose “Appearance” tab in the room configuration section.

LiveWebinar loading page

In „Appearance” tab you can decide whether you want to design a new page template, choose one from the saved templates (that you have prepared before) or not use a template at all. Here you can also add room background and display ads banner.

Designing a page template requires you to choose needed elements and page layout in the upper right sidebar. You can adjust the following elements:

LiveWebinar landing page setup

  • Schema
  • Appearance – background color, background image
  • Content elements:
  • Image – download images from files kept in Recordings & Storage section or at a chosen link
  • Text – add text paragraph and format it using visual editor
  • YouTube – embed video from YouTube
  • Vimeo – embed video from Vimeo
  • Link – add clickable link
  • Agenda – it embeds the already prepared event agenda on the page
  • Document – add a multimedia file (eg. .pdf or .ppt format), which can be opened as clickable link
  • Empty block – it enables proper formatting of the registration page appearance

Drag and drop element to add it to the page template. In the same way you can change the sequence of elements displayed in the page template.

LiveWebinar setup

Once you hover over the page element, you can edit its settings. Editing options include:

  • Changing the size of the element
  • Editing the content
  • Changing the sequence in which elements are displayed
  • Maximizing the size of the element
  • Left, right or center alignment in the template
  • Deleting an element

LiveWebinar setup