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Allow Only Work Emails to Register to Your Event

Allow only work emails to register

It's common for registrants to use personal email addresses, like Gmail or Yahoo, when signing up for webinars. However, if your goal is to engage with professionals who are genuinely interested in your topic, you might prefer that attendees use their work email addresses.

How the Feature Works

When enabled, "Allow Only Work Emails" feature checks the domain of the email addresses used during registration against a predefined list of public email service providers.

If the domain matches one of these public email services, the registration is denied, ensuring that only individuals using work-related email addresses can sign up for your webinar.

Benefits of "Allow Only Work Emails"

  1. Quality Audience: By requiring participants to use their work email addresses, you can be more confident that your audience is genuinely interested in your webinar's content and is likely affiliated with relevant industries or companies.

  2. Improved Engagement: Work email addresses are more likely to represent professionals who are active in their respective fields, which can lead to higher engagement levels during your webinar.

  3. Targeted Networking: For B2B webinars, this feature ensures that your attendees are potential clients, collaborators, or partners who are more likely to benefit from your offerings.

  4. Reduced Spam and Irrelevant Registrations: Preventing registrations with public email addresses helps reduce the chances of spam or irrelevant participants, streamlining your event's management.

Enabling "Allow Only Work Emails"

You can enable the functionality through custom Registration Forms.

Alternatively, you can toggle the option in the Room scheduling menu.

Note: "Allow Only Work Emails" feature primarily checks whether email domains are listed as public email service provider domains.

It does not offer the capability to create exclusions or add custom domains to this list within the feature's settings. If you have specific domain validation requirements beyond the default list, please contact [email protected] for guidance.

The LiveWebinar support team can provide further assistance in customizing your domain validation process or exploring alternative solutions to meet your needs.

By reaching out to LiveWebinar's support team, you can clarify the limitations of the feature and explore potential workarounds or alternatives to achieve your desired audience validation criteria.