Live Streaming

Stream events directly to your thousands of attendees and maximize your online impact on the real world. Use professional live streaming to create a unique experience for your audience.

Live Streaming

Amazingly smooth streaming performance

Make your event available for all devices and web browsers. Invite any of your attendees to join your room at any time. Try Live Webinar streaming solution that meets your needs.

Live Streaming

High video & audio streaming quality

Surprise attendees with the outstanding quality and fluidity of your transmission. Whether you want to stream a concert or conference you can enlarge your enlarge your audience with online participants.

Hosting an offline event?

Connect your external cameras and the rest of your video equipment and create Live Webinar room which you can share with online users.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Embed your live event on web pages

You can put a streaming event on your website so that everyone who enters can see it. You have full control over quality of video and audio.

Live Streaming
Works with 360° cameras

Together with Samsung, we have developed a solution that allows you to stream your live event using 360 cameras.

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Looking for custom solution?

Take advantage of configurable live chat and configure its properties according to your needs.

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