Enrich your webinars with interactive whiteboard

Create effective presentation and collaborate with attendees in creative way. Use text boxes, draw diagrams and highlight important content.


Easy to use whiteboard

Create a new tab, expand the features list and click on the whiteboard icon. Find drawing tools on the left side of the room. Use them any way you like!

Illustrate your ideas

Let Attendees know exactly what you are talking about. Explain things and present your ideas in interesting way.

Present your ideas with LiveWebinar whiteboard

Whiteboard can help you engage students and interact with your audience. Make your online presentation more interesting by drawing graphs and making notes.

Adjust brush size & colors

You can edit the frame rate that your recording will have. There are 14 and 30 frames per second settings avaiable.

Wide range of drawing tools

Your drawings tools are available on the left of the whiteboard pod. Type text, highlight important things, put arrows and other shapes.

Multiple whiteboard pages & grid tool

Distinguish presented content - you can use as many pages as you want. Turn on the grid to make drawing easier.

Make your cursor more visible

Collaborate different. If you need a cursor with better visability you can plenty options to choose from. Allow mouse pointers from other participants.


Change cursor style

Whether it's matter of cosmetic preference or visability your cursor can look like laser dot or arrow pointer. If you don't want to change anything simply choose "No style".

Show other presenters

Let's your adience see who you're working with. Show Nick Names right next to the cursors of your participants.

Click trail & sound

Enable click sound and let the participants know about your every step. Enable cursor tracking and see all movement of the presenter's mouse.

View Click Zone

Enable Click Zone option to see where presenter has left his mark. Each click will be shown on the screen as an prolonged display of cursor icon.

Let the participants follow your every move. Explain your every idea to the audience.


Choose from Easy-to-use whiteboard tools in most advanced webinar software

Undo and redo your actions on the whiteboard surface. With easy-to-use whiteboard tools your webinar always goes the way you want it.

Erase & delete

If you make any mistake in your notes and drawings use ereaser

Download created content

Download your graphs and drawings from all whiteboard pages in PNG format.

Undo and redo

Everything is reversible. Click on the arrow pointing left to undo your last move.

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Customized solution?

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Download our manual

If you need short guide how to use Whiteboard you can download our manual by clicking button below.

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