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Friendly Room URL

Instead of sending your attendees a meeting URL that looks like your cat took a stroll across your keyboard, a friendly room URL lets you personalize the link that attendees receive.

Friendly Room URL

Create a Memorable URL

Say that you’re organizing a meeting for your company. Instead of your attendees getting a link to your quarterly update meeting with the URL full of numbers they can join with a URL like “”. Seems nicer, right?

How can friendly room URLs be of use to you?

By using such a URL, you’re able to make your webinar stand out even more from the competition. Here a few benefits of why it can be useful you:

More user-friendly

If you’ve set up a permanent room, giving it a Friendly URL can make it faster to memorize and come back to in the future.

Greater coherence

With a customized URL name, your entire webinar becomes more cohesive, and shows attention to detail.

Better organization

Let’s say you have multiple webinars planned. Keeping track of them all can be difficult but giving each one a specific name makes easier for you to remember which is which.

Better looking webinar URL

A friendly URL can give participants an idea of what to expect from the webinar. This type of link is also much easier to write, more legible and visually is more appealing than a string of numbers, making it presentable when shared on a website or via social media.

A Polished Invitation

Personalize your meeting URL by naming it with your guest’s first and last name, and their company. It may seem like a small change to make, but it can help build your personal image as an attentive and reliable partner.

Friendly Room URL

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