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Lead Forms

Gather leads with a refreshed LiveWebinar Form feature. Intuitive and easier to use, the forms will let you gather more information about your leads and segment them into groups for more targeted marketing down the line.

Form your marketing and lead generation with LiveWebinar forms

Why Forms?

Stay on top of who signs up for your event and grow your leads list without lifting a finger. You can benefit from well-designed lead forms no matter what you use our platform for. Collect valuable data on the spot that you can use to improve your marketing strategy and drive more sales.

Forms in seconds

You can create a new form in just a few clicks – no need for coding or designers. Do it directly from the event setup dashboard in your LiveWebinar account.

Make capturing leads easier

Connect all of your inquiries with effective marketing tools. Recommend your services, enhance your customers’ loyalty and reach new clients with the gathered data.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Easily connect your form to the apps you use most with both native integrations and a Zapier set-up. You can use our API to connect to any other app, too.

Email software integrations, or any marketing automation tools? You name it.

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Form your marketing and lead generation with LiveWebinar forms

Manage your Leads Forms in one place

Looking for new leads requires a lot of effort and time. Create a list of well-planned forms and manage them from one place in the LiveWebinar Dashboard.

Form your marketing and lead generation with LiveWebinar forms

Create multiple forms

Don't get limited to one lead capture form. You can create as many forms as you need and use them for all sorts of events, from webinars to conferences or even live chat sessions.

Reuse and edit your work

You can easily duplicate any form you've created before – no need to start from scratch each time. Just make the necessary changes, hit save, and you're good to go.

More fields, more data

Customize all fields to match your needs or use default ones. You can even add an extra step to your form to collect even more data from your leads.

Advanced Leads Forms

The new forms have more fields and types of data, so you can get to know your leads better. Gather the data you care about the most – be it email, phone number, checkbox, or anything else.

Form your marketing and lead generation with LiveWebinar forms
Form your marketing and lead generation with LiveWebinar forms

Shorten signup time

Get more leads in less time with signup forms that are shorter and easier to fill out. Grow conversion among your leads by making it as easy as possible for them to sign up.

Fine-tune your lead capture strategy

Use your previous forms as a starting point and add, remove or change fields – all for you to create the perfect lead capture strategy with whatever is submitted via your forms.

Increase sales

By making it easier to segment and target your leads with data, the new LiveWebinar forms will help you close more sales.

Boost it with Thank You Page

Get the most out of your lead capture by adding a Thank You Page. Send leads to a custom URL or an internal page on your website after they sign up for your event. Go even further – let them add the event to iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more calendars with just one click.

Form your marketing and lead generation with LiveWebinar forms

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