Vote Manager

Build real-time interactions by inviting your audience to the debate and showing that their vote counts. Power up your meetings and get instant feedback on matters that mean the most for your business with LiveWebinar Vote Manager.

Vote Manager

Use voting tools for extra engagement

See how voting prompts your audiences’ engagement and makes them genuinely interested in your ideas. Let your attendees feel excited about comparing their opinions to others and keep them in anticipation for the voting results.

Create personalized voting scenarios

Set a voting scenario that perfectly fits the meeting’s purpose. Add question and choose custom answers to get the most out of the voting part of your meeting.

Gain valuable feedback

Use LiveWebinar Vote Manager along with the Tests, Polls & Surveys feature to get powerful insights and collect additional data about your audience’s behaviours.

Shine light on your webinar’s ideas

Use the voting tool to bring your audience’s attention to the most vital parts of your webinar. Make your webinar’s main points memorable for participants first by encouraging them to vote and showing different points of view.

Select the perfect voting area

Try out different locations of your vote and see which one will bring more attention and be noticeable for your attendees.

Vote Manager
Vote Manager

Footer of Global Layout

Choose the “Footer of Global Layout” to showcase the voting results in the webinar’s main layout. Ask questions about your meetings and webinars. Get answers to your questions and offers instantly.

Footer of Attendee List

Asking questions during a live event is beneficial for every participant. Use the “Footer of Attendee List” template to keep your votes closely aligned to the participant area.

Vote Manager

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