Live Webinar Tests & Surveys

Collect information from your webinar participants, research their reactions and analyze their feedback and insights to make better business decisions. With Live Webinar Tests & surveys your webinar will become unique and engaging.

Test & Surveys

Ask engaging questions

Prepare your own survey before the webinar and ask questions to participants. You can create single and multiple choice surveys.

Attaching files and voice content option

Set the duration of survey in Dashboard. You can include attachments and voice messages in questions and answers of your survey.

Discover what your audience thinks

Respond to their needs and find out what they need most. With Live Webinar Tests & Surveys this valuable knowledge is closer than you think.

Launch Tests

Test the knowledge of your audience by asking them scoring questions. Set the percentage of points from which your test will be passed.

Tests are great if you need to engage your audience and focus their whole attention on the webinar or training.

Test & Surveys
Test & Surveys

Keep a good conversion rate

It is a very useful tool in sales-oriented webinars. Use polls to capture extra information from participants, elaborate their profile and distinguish warmer leads from the rest.

Live Webinar polls can help you maintain a rhythm in your webinars and online meetings. Making polls it is a efficient way to get to know your attendees better and interact with them.

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