Record your webinar with built-it recorder

Extend your reach by offering your recordings as on-demand webinars. In this way you can generate leads long after your online event is over.


Live Webinar recorder is easy to use

Click on the icon of “Rec” to start recording and keep valuable material from your online meeting. It will be stored in your drive for recordings.

Recordings storage

The space for recordings is a separate space in the storage area. You have 6h recordings in standard.

Recorder with high performance capabilities

With Live Webinar recorder you can adjust the recording to your preferences. Take care of the quality of recorded material by setting the following parameters

Editable frame rate of recordings

You can edit the frame rate that your recording will have. There are 14 and 30 frames per second settings available.

Editable resolution of recordings

Suprise your audience with the high quality of your recordings. Make everything visible using HD resolution

Storage providers

Recordings can be stored on your Amazon S3 or FTP server if required. It will be directly uploaded to your chosen destination

Postprocessing and recording editor

Edit your recording and make it look professional by adding intro, outro and even your watermark.


Recording format

Recorder is recording your meeting in the default participant role. That means that what you will see on the recording is the participant view.

Useful functions

You can share the recorded material with your sub-accounts, download it, or move it to particular folder. Recording storage also generates a link to direct sharing.

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