Prezi Presentations

Underline the most important points of your meeting with a catchy, straight-to-the-point animated Prezi presentation. Add movement, graphics and colors to explain even the most complex ideas and make your speech truly convincing.

Prezi Presentations

Enter Prezi link

Use the Prezi Presentation Manager to easily add, display and store materials. Insert the link to a ready presentation to share content without leaving the meeting’s window.

Forget about boring, static images and turn your content into a lively experience.

Try uniqueness of Prezi Presentations Feature

Turn your content into a lively experience. Get your participants’ attention and illustrate your ideas with custom-made presentations and raise genuine interest about its main topics.


Put valuable knowledge into fun and engaging presentations to effectively train and educate your attendees.


Transfer your ideas into captivating Prezi slides. and forget about boring, static images. Turn your content into a lively experience.

Easy to manage

To display your presentation just enter its URL address. Simple, intuitive and super convenient – especially for hosting meetings with many participants.

Bring your ideas to life

Share your Prezi presentations directly from your meeting room. Improve your teaching methods by providing your listeners with interactive, easy-to-remember content.

Prezi Presentation Manager

With Prezi Presentation Manager sharing a presentation is simple and easy. You can add a bookmark with every Prezi URL you paste into Prezi Manager. Find it later in your Storage and share it with your audience instantly.

Prezi Presentations

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