New Leads Form

Gather valuable leads with easy to use Live Webinar New Leads Form. Capture precious data and use it to drive your sales and marketing campaigns. Create simple forms with persuasive call-to-actions.

New Leads Form

Build a contact book

Ask your participants for their e-mail address, name and other vital details. Give the form a clear title and description to make it easy to fill for your users.

Create your own Leads Form

Decide which placeholders should be required in your Leads Form. Give each of them an unique name and choose the right field type to increase your attendees motivation to fill the form.

Make capturing leads easier

Connect all of your inquiries with effective marketing tools. Recommend your services, enhance your customers’ loyalty and reach new clients with the gathered data.

Marketing automation integrations

Collect information and send it to marketing automation tools. Live Webinar Leads Forms submits inquiries directly to MailChimp, Salesforce, Active Campaign etc.

Pick the Email field in your form to save your attendees’ data and send them directly to the marketing automation tools.

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New Leads Form

Manage your Leads Forms in one place

Looking for new leads requires a lot of effort and time. Create a list of well-planned forms and manage them from one place in the Live Webinar Dashboard.

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Find high quality leads

See if specific Leads Forms are in use and check their status. You can freely edit created Forms, disable them or delete. Adjust specific leads form to specific webinars or online meetings.

Gather important data

Build relationships with your potential customers and clients by collecting data that links to people who have proven interest in your services.

Customize field types

Collect more than names, phone numbers or email addresses. Choose from different field types, put checkboxes or select one of the many options.

Advanced Leads Forms

Create Advanced Leads Forms with Identifiers to make your data more organized and easier to use.

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Get a quick response with Leads Forms

Let your participants choose an answer from a drop-down list. Make the form easy to fill and transparent to receive immediate feedback and collect the most important data about the attendees.

Gather valuable data & grow your business

Create your own leads form, that will show up right before participants enter the room. This way, you can rapidly grow your email list and improve the results of your marketing actions.

Schedule events and enable leads form

Schedule your webinar or online meeting and turn on a specific leads form. Pick up an option from a drop-down list and decide what type of information you want to collect.

Toggle form preview

Show leads form to every attendee joining your webinar. By clicking “toggle form preview” you can see all prepared forms and check them right before planning a meeting.

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