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Solve problems, discuss and answer audience questions. Provide your customers with the information they need to make purchasing decisions faster.

Live Webinar live chat gives more than the standard solutions. It has a lot of additional advanced features.


Not every information is contained only in words. With the power of emojis you can express yourself better and more imaginatively.

Presentations and files sending

Drag and drop files directly from your desktop and instantly send them to your attendees.

Live chat

0 delays

Work without interruptions and delays. Make sure that your communication remains undisturbed.

Simplicity and safety of use

Stay connected with your clients, or business partners, colleagues or team members within your organization.

Live chat

Chat Moderation

Edit your messages, insert emojis and correct mistakes. You can also make this feature disabled for participants.

Audio messages

Send voice messages and edit directly before sending. Accept and reject applied changes and securely share important and time-sensitive information.

Live chat
Live chat

Smart recognition

No matter if you send your webinar participants a code, regular message or multimedia file, LiveWebinar LiveChat will immediately recognize the type of message sent.


Take advantage of translation feature and communicate without barriers. Translation module is based on google translator algorithms supported by Superficial Intelligence.

Live chat

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