Closed Captioning

Use easy to follow real-time captions automatically displayed to your viewers. Make your online meetings, webinars and video conferences more accessible to your audience.

Closed captioning

Better accessibility

Let the attendees take part in your online meetings even without sound, by giving them live transcriptions as a supplement to the video.

Make videos accessible to deaf and hard of hearing viewers.

Enable users to participate when the sound has to be low or in sound-sensitive environments.

Better Focus, Engagement and Memory

Help maintain concentration and engagement of your viewers

Provide a better experience for viewers with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders.

Clarify the content for your audience in case of complex language or complicated information.


Easily created meeting notes

Gain instant access to the content of your meetings by exporting the subtitles transcript history to a file.

Allow participants to review and refer back to important information presented during meetings.

Enable easy notetaking, create reports and summaries based on the transcript.

Real-time translations

Let people from all over the world access your content by providing live translations into other languages on the spot.

Choose the language of subtitles. You’ve got more than 50 languages to use!

Make it easier for viewers who know English as a second language to follow along with the speech.


See how it works

Optimize content according to your needs

Closed captioning


Select language (choose from over 50 languages)

Fonts and subtitles

Adjust the font size and text contrast of subtitles

Subtitles position

Change the position of the text in one of two options – transcriptions displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.


Manage the visibility of the live transcript – each attendee can decide whether they want to see their transcribed text box.

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