Call to Action

Create a custom CTA button and encourage your attendees to take action. Redirect participants straight to your landing page and grow your sales. Make participants interact with your content with the LiveWebinar Call to Action button.

Call to Action

Boost your webinar’s efficiency

Encourage actions and increase the effectiveness of your online meeting. Create a button with a simple and convincing message.

Generate leads and conversion

Encourage participants to sign up to a newsletter, download an e-book or and take advantage of your offer. Take your leads to the next step of the customer cycle.

Instantly drive your sales

Make sure that all of your hard work put in planning and hosting webinars pays off. Prepare a list of Call to Action buttons and use them during specific events whenever you need.

Call to Action
Add new CTA

Build your CTA list from scratch with the Call to Action Creator.

Edit & Duplicate

Manage your CTA list and duplicate the best of your action requests.


Click the “Remove" option to arrange all of your outdated CTA buttons.

Make your attendees act for real

Leave your attendees a personalised message by creating your own CTA content. Add an unique title to your button and bring your communication to a whole new level.

Personalize your Call to Action

Create messages to cause specific actions. Enrich them with text and audio or add files as extra attachments.

Boost website traffic

Add a custom link to the CTA button and direct leads to your landing page. Apply changes at any time to improve your message’s performance.

Drive sales

Adding a CTA to your webinar is a great way of promoting your product or service among participants.

Call to Action
Call to Action

Send custom Call to Action messages

Select a target group to which you want to send a request. You can choose from attendees, hosts and presenters or set your own custom audience.

Use this option if you want to dedicate different action requests to each group of your participants.

Select Advanced options

Click the “Advanced options” to enable playing sound during your CTA sessions or change the content’s position.

Call to Action

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