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You want the right people to discover your brand. By including an Ads Banner on your webinar, you’ll give your website the traffic and attention it deserves.

LiveWebinar Ads Banner

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

You’ve done the leg work, brought in participants, and have started your webinar. Now, it’s time for your hard work to pay off.

By displaying an Ads Banner throughout your webinar, you’ll bring this targeted audience straight to your website. As a result, they are one step closer to purchasing your products, subscribing to your services, or signing up for your course.

Call Your Audience to Action

During your webinar, you may find a natural opportunity to mention your products or services. With an Ads Banner in your webinar room, you can avoid having to spell your URL out loud. Unlike a call to action button that disappears, an Ads Banner is visible for the entire webinar!

Increased Traffic

With a clear and compelling Ads Banner shown during your webinar, your audience is just a click away from your site!

Customized Design

Whether you’d like to promote a specific discount or your brand as a whole, your Ads Banner is a flexible solution.

Improved Visibility

An Ads Banner puts your company in the spotlight, taking your brand recognition to new heights.

Showcase the Best Aspects of Your Brand

Whether you have an attractive offer, trending product, or compelling service, an Ads Banner is the perfect way to let people know. You can display an Ads Banner by simply pasting its URL into the “Advanced Options” tab or uploading it from your local files.

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