LiveWebinar Audio and Video

Get the most out of your online meeting with LiveWebinar Audio & Video. Engage your audience and turn your conference into a long-lasting experience with HD quality of vision and sound.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video

Interact for real with custom Audio and Video options

Discover all of the advantages of the Audio and Video features and make your webinar an authentic experience.

LiveWebinar offers you various customization options as sharing camera view, adding a photo or adjusting the size of the video window.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video
Turn camera on/off

With this button you can turn the camera on or off. You must be successfully connected to a media server and allow access to your camera and microphone.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video
Enable or disable audio

If you want you can host your webinar using audio only. With this button you can mute or unmute the audio channel in any moment you want.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video
Stop Audio and Video

With this button you can turn off Audio and Video at the same time. Use it when you want to make a short break in your webinar.

Stay connected and collaborate without limits

Decide which quality – sound or vision – should be at the center of your meeting and will work best for achieving your professional goals. Increase your webinar’s impact, reach and engagement with a wide range of customizable Audio and Video options.

Expand video

Adjust the size of the video window depending on the nature of your meeting. Display it in full-size in the content area or show it separately in the Audio and Video window.

Set Avatar Picture

Instead of sharing your microphone and camera view set an avatar which will be displayed in the Audio and Video window.

Show to participants

Decide if your participants should see the Audio and Video window.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video
LiveWebinar Audio and Video

Upload your Avatar Picture

Add a personal touch to your meeting’s role by setting an avatar. Simply upload a picture from your computer or take a snap with your PC camera.

Your avatar will be displayed in the Audio& Video replacing your camera view and shown next to your nickname on the participant’s list and in the chat box.

Audio & Video Settings

Gain quick access to all camera and microphone settings. Choose the preferable devices for your online meeting and check if they work properly.

Regulate the microphone’s voice input level and preview the image from your camera to provide the best quality of your broadcast.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video
LiveWebinar Audio and Video

Request about audio & video

Request access to your participant’s camera so you can share videos simultaneously. Choose between two camera layouts and change the proportions and size of the video window to highlight your meeting’s purpose.

Let your attendees speak up

The Raise Hand feature enables your participants to ask permission for joining the discussion. Support meeting interactions and engagement by giving your attendees camera and microphone access.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video
LiveWebinar Audio and Video

Choose meeting layout

Personalize your meeting’s appearance by choosing from 6 different Room Layouts. Match the size visibility of the Audio & Content window to create a fully customized look of your room.

Phone bridge

Not sure if your attendees have video access? Let them join the meeting no matter what the circumstances. The Phone Bridge feature enables your participants to make a connection in full Audio quality.

LiveWebinar Audio and Video

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Customize Audio & Video

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