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Moderated Chat

Stay focused on your presentation and forget about being distracted by messages showing up in the chat window. Moderated Chat feature enables you to control the conversation while keeping your main ideas in the spotlight.

Moderated Chat

Manage all conversation threads

Turn on the Chat Moderation option to easily manage all incoming messages. Check at a glance which conversation threads are waiting in the moderation queue and choose the ones you want to share with the rest of your attendees.

Build personal relationships

Provide your attendees extra support by giving special attention to every question. Lead one-to-one conversations to present your product or business on a more personal level.

Chat under control

Create your own rules, stop those who violate the standards, edit messages before they hit the main chat.

Better UX

Clarify the finer points of what is and isn’t allowed on the channel. Let your participants get better experience while joining your chat.

Maintain order

Stop messages that detract from everyone else’s conversation. Provide open, honest, educational and respectful area for your participants.

Develop a proactive approach

Chat moderation results in proactive communication with your attendees. What does that mean? You are able to take action before anything happens. When you have the support of a moderator in your room, they can be one step ahead of your participants and prevent them from leaving your webinar or doing anything inappropriate.

Moderated Chat

Check over and accept incoming messages before they hit main conversation window.


Edit incoming messages, moderate inappropriate content and correct mistakes.


Turn on private chat with specific attendee. You can warn them or answer their particular question.


\Delete message that violate standards of your community. Prevent unsavory incidents before they happen.

Lead one to one discussions

Create a space for discussing confidential matters during your business meeting. Send direct messages to your participants or turn on the Private Chats option to provide discretion and make sure that no one will know the details of your one on one conversations.

Cool down the discussion’s temperature

Worried about your conversation heating up? Cool down emotions and mollify sharp discussions by answering your attendees directly or simply hiding inappropriate conversation threads.

Moderated Chat
Moderated Chat

Keep your conversations to the point

Overwhelmed with too many messages popping-up in your Chat Box? Move on with your presentation by cutting out unimportant threads and avoiding off-topics.

Handle every situation

Avoid trolling, provocative comments and other undesired reactions during your meeting. Free your conversation from negative feedback – as the moderator you’re in the position to remove comments that break your communication rules.

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